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Phillies Fan Tasered Video: Proof Some Phillies Fans Are Serious Threats


If there's one trend in recent years involving the Phillies besides their winning ways, it's the moronic fans who go down to the ballpark.

Whenever the Phillies have a "Dollar Hot dog Night" it opens up the floodgates for heavy drinking, fighting, and tomfoolery. And, when they had "college night" that was an even bigger disaster.  Fortunately, better judgement prevailed and they cut the cord on college nights after numerous arrests. 

By now you've probably seen the infamous Phillies Fan Tasered Video, which is the latest piece of evidence that the ESPNs of the world can use against Philadelphia fans.

A few weeks back Matthew Clemmons gave Philly Sports Nation a black eye the size of Riddick Bowe's fist. 

Now, the 17-year old buffoon (Steve Consalvi) who ran out onto the field is the latest poster child of what's wrong with Philadelphia sports fans-according to the national media. Consalvi will be known as the Tasered Phillies Fan and it's his own dumb fault. 

However, there is a nice-sized faction of younger fans how go to Phillies games for the sole purpose of getting drunk and raising hell.  And, that's why I don't have any phillies fan taseredproblem with the police officer laying down the hammer and hitting this youngster with the taser.  Let's not forget just last year when a man was beaten to death in the parking lot outside of Citizens Bank Park!

What would we be saying if this kid went up and punched Chase Utley in the mouth or god forbid hit him with a beer bottle.  It's not out of the realm of possibility in this day and age for something like this to happen.  In the era of "shock value" and "extreme" (insert any noun here), youngsters in this country are always looking to one-up each other.  When you add to the equation the element of alcohol in the parking lots at Phillies games, many teens and college kids are a potential threat when they get out of control.

If anything, they need tougher security down at the games.  Unfortunately, the tradition of running onto the field isn't what it used to be.  In the past it was funny to watch someone galavant across a football field buck naked or race towards homeplate and slide. 

In this era of idiocy everybody is suspect.  And, with the rise in idiocy amongst youngsters at Phillies games, the police have to be more vigilant than ever.  While Steve Consalvi may have meant no harm, he didn't belong on the field to begin with.  Most importantly, there is a serious reputation now among young adults at Phillies games being associated with alcohol and violence.

And, that is a threat that must be taken seriously by the Philadelphia Police at Phillies games.

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