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Times Square Bomb Attempt a Prelude to More Attempts By Terrorists


For many months now, Americans have been preoccupied with a tough economy, rampant unemployment, a budget deficit gone wild, Tea Partiers, health care debates, and taxes.

Now, Al Quaeda is back into the forefront after the Times Square Car Bomb attempt on Saturday. 

Authorities in Pakistan are saying there's a link between an Al Qaeda-allied militant group Jaish-e-Muhammad and the car bombing attempt in Times Square. 

Despite, the Pakistan Taliban's claims in a video message on Sunday, authorities in Pakistan don't believe they are behind the attempted plot. However, according to CNN, a Taliban spokesman gave a different account. "A Pakistani Taliban spokesman said Wednesday his group has no link to Shahzad, but he warned that its fighters have been sent to the United States and the "results" of that decision will soon be evident."

Faisal Shahzad, the so-called mastermind behind this failed Times Square car bomb attempt claimed he received training over in Pakistan from The Taliban.  

Regardless, if the Taliban or Al Qaeda behind this, what is significant is that terrorism is beginning to rear it's ugly head once again.  And, this is happening at a time when America is especially vulnerable-just as our economy begins to turn around.

We in America should be fortunate that there hasn't been a serious attack on our soil in nearly 9 years.  Israel and Great Britain wish they could be so fortunate. 

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