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July 4th Fireworks At Long's Park In Lancaster Were A Huge Hit


long's park fireworksThe July 4th fireworks celebration at Long's Park in Lancaster, PA are among the best in Pennsylvania.  For thousands of Lancaster-area residents, it's a can't-miss occasion.  Between the awesome atmosphere at Long's Park to the 257th Army Band, and Fireworks Celebration, this is a summer tradition that cannot be missed once you go for the first time.

What is really nice about Long's Park is that the sun is at your back.  You have to endure some of the heat because you must arrive around 7 P.M. to ensure you get a good seat, but with the sun setting behind you it's not all that bad. Last night the temp was around 95 degrees at 7:00, but once the shade settled in-it was quite pleasant.

First, the 257th Army Band plays the 1812 Overture, which leads into the opening of the spectacle.  The Fireworks Celebration is known for the firing of cannons, which kick off the fireworks display.  Everything is perfectly timed as the band leads into the firing of the cannons just as nightfall sets in. 

It's one thing to see these fireworks from afar, but it's an entirely different experience when you're in Long's Park.  When the cannons are lit, you can feel the soundwaves hit you like a rush of air at the Jersey Shore.  There is nothing like it and that is reason numero uno why you cannot experience the Long's Park fireworks without being in the park. It's a perfect opening for 35 minutes of amazing fireworks. 

Having seen many fireworks displays in my time, Long's Parks' fireworks blow the competition away. 

One thing to remember though is that all hell breaks loose once the finale ends.  If you don't time things perfectly and make it back through the tunnel under Route 30 just right you are going to be stuck in the parking lot at the Park City Mall for a while.  There are thousands of people who make the trek to the park each year.  And, thousands of people make a mass exodus once the spectacle ends. 

Even if you have a heck of a time getting home, the cannons and the fireworks are worth it.