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The Tucson Shootings of Gabrielle Giffords, Christina Green and Others Cause Us to Search For Goodness


We hold an unspoken agreement that our lives are of infinite, equal value. Whenever someone shatters this oath, the power to restore it lies within everyone's moral grasp.

While the tragedy in Arizona is not a pleasant topic, this piece is offered as a method to honor those who were most affected by it. Violence should never translate to tucson shooting victimsglorification. So, the name and the image of the person who committed the crimes has been intentionally omitted. Other journalists, for certain understandable reasons, have previously provided us with that information.

Debates regarding why some individuals use their free will to commit violent acts are relevant. However, those academic discussions shouldn't immediately rise above the importance of legal justice for any victim, or the feelings of their families and friends.

Honor These Individuals

The following human beings were killed on January 8, 2011: Christina Taylor Green, Dorothy Morris, Judge John Roll, Phyllis Schneck, Dorwin Stoddard, and Gabe Zimmerman. Green's nine years of life were profoundly bookended by violence, as she was born on September 11, 2001.

Value Their Continuing Lives

The following human beings were injured on January 8, 2011: Bill Badger, Ron Barber, Eric Fuller, Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Susan Hileman, George Morris, Pamela Simon, and Mavanell Stoddard.

There were brave individuals who were present at the scene and helped to end the conflict. They represent the goodness within our society. However, their heroic spirit is not fleeting and can always be found within many others. We need only to look into the eyes of our family members and friends to affirm this soft point.

The Positive Power of Government

A few days after the shootings, many government officials and employees stood outside and observed a moment of shared silence. The use of tasteful language in the aftermath of this event has also been important. The words of President Barack Obama in his Tucson Speech and Speaker of the House, John Boehner, revealed how the influence of government can be used in positive ways. Both individuals have displayed this type of high-level, non-partisan, humanity at various other times in their careers.

Yet another event in a seemingly uncertain world ended the lives of some, damaged the lives of others, and jarred the rest of us. Some citizens may believe that they know where the roots of these problems have been growing. They may also think that people who hold opposite political views are currently scorching our public garden. Future seasons of consideration are always recommended for those who cultivate hardened opinions of others.

We must never allow our minds to close, because that defeats our capacity to be open to positive tomorrows. Each of us helps to maintain society. At times like these, our words and actions also help to restore it.

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