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Occupy Philly Movement is Bad For Business in Philadelphia and Beyond


Occupy Philly Movement members have been urged by the City of Philadelphia to limit their protesting in exchange for a new permit, which will allow them to hold protests at the Thomas Paine Plaza.

Yesterday the city proposed that Occupy Philly's new permit contain a condition where they only protest between the hours of 9 and 7 P.M. And, nobody will be allowed to remain overnight - in other words putting a kibosh on the occupy movement.

"Essentially the city does not want to see continued the 24-hour occupation of a property, sleeping at a property, tent structures at the property," said Mark McDonald, spokesman for Mayor Michael Nutter.

Apparently some business owners are getting fed up with the Occupy Philly movement and fear that it's "bad for business."

That's what this really boils down to. The city and business owners are afraid of losing money as the holiday season approaches. Some citizens and business owners allege that the downtown area is in disarray because of the camping out.occupy philly

I couldn't disagree more. When my wife and I spent Saturday afternoon in downtown Philadelphia the city looked perfectly fine. And, we walked from the Art Museum down Ben Franklin Parkway, down Market street, and then to Reading Terminal Market. All told, we walked about 5 miles throughout the entire downtown area.

The bottom line is the campgrounds are nestled in a central location (Dilworth Plaza). There aren't bands of "dangerous" anarchists and "dirty hippies" (as Republicans would refer to them) roaming the streets. It's simply silly to suggest that.

With the city's "proposal" they are standing on the side of business and against the working class.

Just sounds like business as usual with the government, regardless if it's on a local scale or national scale.

The members of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Philly, and the other grassroots movements should be applauded for putting economical inequality in the national spotlight.

Instead, we have career politicans like Newt Gingrich (clearly a 1-percenter) writing them off as parasites and dirty thugs.

Gingrich knows who butters his bread, as does Mayor Nutter. Democrats share a common bond with Republicans at the end of the day - they too look out for the interests of the elite class. Look who contributes most of the money to campaigns on both sides of the aisle; those with the money. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are deeply afraid of the Occupy movements and fear a 60's-style revolt as things heat up. Cities are struggling to deal with the Occupy movements as they gain strength.

Republicans like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich only believe in protest when it suits their interests. In the case of Tea Party protestors, they are "safe" and on their side because the majority of them are Republicans who won't pose any threat to their interests - in other words opposing the elite.

The Occupy movement is clearly a threat because there has been a right-wing effort to demonize them and label them as inciters of violence who seek to destroy the country. And, now Democrats like Nutter are following along and writing them off as a health hazard.

It's funny when you consider that most Occupy members are unarmed, yet they get brutalized by police officers. On the other hand, Tea Party members have even carried guns in public at their rallies, yelled racial epithets at Washington lawmakers, attacked a woman, attacked liberals (such as one with an Obama bumper sticker), and have never been attacked by the police.

At the heart of Occupy Philly's motive is to highlight the economic imbalance in this country. Recently we spoke with Occupy Philly member Michael Britt who said their mission is "is to stay until we see movements toward real change in our country and the world in one or more or all of the following issues: Ending "Corporate Personhood", ending capital punishment, ending police intimidation, ending wealth inequality, ending corporate censorship, ending the modern gilded age, ending political corruption, ending joblessness, ending poverty, ending health-profiteering, ending American imperialism, and ending war."

Unfortunately, the Occupy Philly members like Britt  face an uphill battle with a City Government standing on the side of business.

Occupy Philly members are expected to vote on the offer tonight.

Photo from whyy.org

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