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Newt Gingrich's Rhetorical Boldness Could Bring Down President Barack Obama in November


At the beginning of the GOP presidential nomination race the obvious picks for many were Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.  With an early drop out by Tim Pawlenty, relatively weak campaign by Michele Bachmann, scandal-ridden Herman Cain, and the all-too-moderate Jon Huntsman, it’s a wonder that Newt Gingrich was not taken seriously sooner.

The race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination has been anything but boring, and process of elimination may actually leave the newt gingrichonce-forgotten former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, a shoe-in for the top spot -- and for the GOP that may not be a bad thing.

Although this may leave a sour taste in the mouths of many GOP and Dem voters, he may just be the best thing for Republicans’ chances to win the White House.

On the surface, he’s an unlikely Republican nominee. Although his presence in the Beltway is legendary, Newt has been largely irrelevant in the last few years. In the post-Tea Party Movement Era, Newt is the antithesis of what’s “in.” And for traditional conservatives, Newt can be considered anything but perfect.

He’s been married three times (his current one being a result of an affair), and his positions on health care and immigration turn-off many GOP voters.

Whereas Mitt Romney is the perfect family man that traditional social conservatives can get behind, the issue that voters care about is the economy.  

For many, Newt is the quintessential establishment Republican.  He’s been in Washington for years, and his longevity within the political game is no doubt a result from the ties he’s created here.

OK. Despite his obvious downsides, he’s survived scandals and rumors to maintain political relevancy. And people listen to him.  He makes them stop and reconsider their argument.

Scandals? Gaffe-ridden?  He’s been there.

Love it or hate it.  No one can talk themselves out of a corner like Newt Gingrich.

In a New Republic piece that dropped the other day, Michael Kazin identified a valid point:

Gingrich has many flaws, but downplaying his ideological ambitions is not among them. He rose to power by being an articulate, if savage, exponent of a conservative world-view, and his nomination, if it occurred, would represent the triumph of rhetorical boldness over Romney's cautious artifice.

Newt's rhetorical boldness may be just what a GOP presidential nominee needs to defeat President Barack Obama in November.

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