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‘Goals Personal Fitness Center’ going to Philadelphia Art Museum for 'Quick Fix Boot Camp'


When we last talked with Kasey Manwaring,   “Goals Personal Fitness Center,”  the business venture she started from the ground up, was just taking flight. Starting out with only a few weights and a treadmill from her parents’ basement, Manwaring knew she had taken a gamble with her life, but was determined to make her dream a reality. ‘Goals Personal Fitness Center’ in Manayunk going to Philadelphia Art Museum for 'Quick Fix Boot Camp.'

Kasey’s dedication and commitment to her business and her clients has paid off. Two years later, “Goals” has definitely made its mark, and Manwaring has become one of the most trusted names in Philadelphia fitness.  

One particular class at “Goals” called ‘Quick Fix Boot Camp’ is approaching it’s one year anniversary. The program was originally supposed to be a one-time session, but ‘Quick Fix’ has turned into the most popular class at “Goals.”

So popular in fact, that Manwaring is now taking the program to the Philadelphia Art Museum.

“I started it a year ago to get people in shape for summer from Memorial Day to July 4th,” says Manwaring.  “I was just planning a quick five week program to make a little bit of extra money. But so many people signed up. I had 17 people for the first one, and they asked for another one and it’s been going on for a year now. The class is up to 48 people.”

Each session of ‘Quick Fix’ lasts five weeks and takes place three mornings a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). There is also another ‘Quick Fix’ class at the Roxborough High School Track on the same day and time (6am-7am). The cost for one whole session is $160.00.


Manwaring chose the art museum as a backdrop for her class mostly because of its highly populated area, which has lots of active people. She also acknowledges that the great view of the city is definitely an added plus.

“I’ve had some random people ask me about it because that’s a popular area and a great place to work out with the artGoals Personal Fitness Center’s 'Quick Fix Boot Camp' at Roxborough High School. museum stairs and the river. We’re going to meet at Lloyd Hall (which is right before the art museum). There’s a big parking lot there, so there’s no problems with parking. We’ll be using the art museum as well as the front of the stairs. There’s a ton of stuff to work with there. It’s close to the city, and people can do this it on their way to work.”

Manwaring’s classes have expanded to the point where she has actually hired more instructors to teach the classes with her, including Great Life Chiropractic owner Ted Loos.

But despite her success, Manwaring insists her work is far from done.

“I’m psyched, but I’m still trying to get the word out there about it. It’s really going awesome, and everyone should definitely be a part of it.”  

THIS Thursday, Kasey is offering a free ‘Quick Fix’ class at 6am at Lloyd Hall to anyone, so come on out everyone!

Quick Fix Boot Camp five-week sessions at the art museum and at the Roxborough Track run from June 1st-July 1st. Cost: $160.00.

For more information, you can go to  www.goalsfit.com  or email goalsfitness@hotmail.com   You can reach them by phone at 610 457 5424.

Kasey also recommends these classes at Goals:

Wednesday Night Track Series at the Roxborough High School Track- “People are training to get master and most of them are doing the half marathon in September.” says Manwaring. Wednesday nights at 7pm.

Mommy and Me Class- “Moms bring their babies (usually up to age two) in jogging strollers. Upper body and lower body strength training and running are emphasized. Moms love it because they all talk and are first time moms who get to meet other new moms.” Roxborough High School Track on Wednesdays at 10am.

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