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Turn Right USA Political Ad Targeting Janice Hahn: Most Offensive, Racist and Sexist Political Ad Ever?


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It appears that politics has reached a new low this week. Could the video below be the most racist and sexist political ad ever made? Many certainly think so.

Earlier in the week, Turn Right USA, released a web ad which is one for the ages. Many are accusing the group of race baiting and sexism in the the spot, which targets Janice Hahn -- the Democractic candidate in a special election to take over Rep. Jane Harman's L.A - based House seat.

In the ad, they connect Janice Hahn with supporting gang members and setting them loose upon the populace. There is a character in the video bent over like a stripper in a club as a black man puts dollar bills in her panties while rapping "give us your cash bitch." The stripper character of course represents Janice Han in the ad. Added to that Turn Right USA has a website called "Hahn's Homeboyz" where they proudly display a moniker, which states "gangbanging at the taxpayer's expense."

When Huffington Post attempted to contact the treasurer (Claude Todoroff) at Turn Right USA, he had this to say,  "I don't know about the ad but I wouldn't talk to The Huffington Post, anyway. You're a bunch of liberal idiots," Todoroff said, before hanging up.

Decide for yourself. Is this ad racist and sexist? Or, is it simply just another over-the-top political ad meant to rile up people on both sides of the political aisle?

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