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David Akers’ ‘Kicking In Spring’ Event has made a lasting impression on the Delaware Valley


Lincoln Financial Field presented the 6th Annual David Akers ‘Kicking in Spring’ event  last Thursday at Cescaphe Ballroom.  

The successful fundraiser raises money for Children’s Hospital Of Pennsylvania. Although the Eagles kicker has had a long-time affiliation with theDavid Akers photo: Aileen Bannon. hospital through his “David’s Locker’ program, the event hits close to home for Akers. Especially this winter, when his family was forced to make an unexpected visit.

“We’re doing this event to raise money for them because they have been amazing to me,” said Akers Thursday night.

“Two of my kids had to go through Children’s Hospital. Most recently, my daughter had a bout with cancer. She’s doing really well right now, but the time you’re there is so stressful as parent. So what we’re trying to do is let them get their mind off the little things. It could be a cab ride home or a bus ticket. At the same time, you also have kids in high school who are there and they are missing a lot or school work, and we offer them a laptop. We’ve had breathing machines for people with asthma or cystic fibrosis. We’re even getting to the point where we go and finish off basements, so when patients get home from the hospital, they can have some enjoyment as well.”

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There were an abundance of auction items, including an autographed Cliff Lee Phillies jersey, an autographed Pro-Bowl jersey donated by Akers himself, and other autographed items from Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and Brent Celek. Notable guests of the evening included former Eagles Vince Papale and Ken Dunek, 610 WIP’s Glen Macnow and Garry Cobb, and sports agent Jerrold Colton.

Guests were treated to Cescaphe’s food spread, which is unlike any other you will find in the country. From sushi, seafood or pasta to any kind of meat or vegetarian dish, you will find plenty of everything. The desert selection is just as plentiful, with cakes, cream puffs, and a chocolate fountain for dipping marshmallows, fruit, and Rice Krispies Treats.Photo by Aileen Bannon.

Akers’ event has a loyal fanbase, and some go to the event every year. One of those attendees is Debbie O’Toole from Prudential Fox and Roach in Marlton NJ.

“This is my fourth year coming here and I just love it. The food is spectacular, the people are very nice, and it’s for a great charity and a great cause,” said O’Toole, whose boss at Prudential was being honored that evening.

This year’s event was a little more low-key than the previous year. With the NFL Lockout still on-going, the transition tag the Eagles applied to Akers might not be valid under the eventual new agreement. As a result, his future with the club as well as any possible future events is uncertain. An emotional Akers took the microphone to address the crowd just prior to introducing magician Michael Finney, who wowed the audience with his vast array of tricks.

Whether he returns to the Eagles or not, one thing is for certain: David Akers is a winner on and off the field. And if this is indeed the last event, his contributions to the Delaware Valley and Children’s Hospital will always be remembered.

If the event continues for next year, continue to follow http://davidakerskicksforkids.org/ for updates!

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