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Weekly Roundup: Parents Sue Morey's Piers, NFL Lockout, Casey Anthony, Josh Hamilton, and Rangers Fan Dies at Game


The Omelette Friday July 8, 2011

Parents of 11-year-old girl who died on Ferris Wheel Sue Morey's Piers

Twanda and Byron Jones - the parents of 11-year-old Abiah Jones are going forward with a lawsuit and will sue Morey's Piers. Abiah Jones was killed on June 3rd when she fell off a gondala on the Ferris Wheel and plunged to her death.

It comes as little surprise, despite the fact that mechanical error was not the cause. From the get-go, her parents hired an attorney and sought a legal inquiry into the matter.

Casey Anthony's Release Date Gets Extended

Casey Anthony's release from prison got extended just a tad. Judge Belvin Perry Jr. sentenced her to the maximum 4-year sentence, but since she got credit for time served, she was originally slated to get out next week. That date has been extended until Sunday July 17th.

It's a far cry from the death penalty Casey Anthony is deserving of.

NFL Lockout Won't End This Weekend

Despite positive reports over the few days concerning the NFL lockout, it isn't going to end this weekend. The owners were dealt a victory by the court today when it was ruled that the NFL Lockout is legal.

Now that the owners have the clear upperhand, this should keep negotiations moving in a positive direction. In fact, owners and players have agreed that today's ruling won't hamper negotiations.

Josh Hamilton Tosses Ball to Fan Who Falls and Dies Trying to Catch It

Josh Hamilton has had a storied career and overcame the odds. He has battled drug and alcohol addiction and become one of the elite players in the game after his career was in shambles five years ago.

Last night he was involved in something which will likely haunt him for the rest of his life. During the Rangers - Athletics game last night, Hamilton tossed a foul ball to a fan who went after it and fell over the guard rails. The man, Shannon Stone (a firefighter) fell onto the ground and went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

It's an incredibly sad story and the first such story of it's kind at a Major League Baseball game.

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