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5.8 Earthquake Hits Philadelphia and East Coast, but many didn't feel anything


There have been people who have lived their entire lives in Philadelphia, and they never experienced the earthquake Tuesday afternoon that registered 5.9 on the Richter Scale. The origins of the earthquake started in Mineral, Virginia, but people reportedly felt the earthquake in Cleveland as well as Toronto.5.8 Earthquake Hits Philadelphia and East Coast, but many didn't feel anything
The first time I experienced an earthquake, I was sleeping on my sister’s couch in California. It was one of those dreams like I was falling. I then turned on the news at 5 and realized how serious it was.
The second was on a treadmill this afternoon at the gym. I saw the televisions shake and there was a big rumble. I didn’t think much of it. After all, how many earthquakes are there around here, right? But when everyone at the gym got off their bikes and ran to the television. I knew something was really wrong.
Jennifer Sherlock from Jenna Communications, was one of the ones who did.

“We felt it on Market Street as our building swayed!” says Sherlock.

“I was at home and there were three separate shakes. The third being the most,” said Christopher Leomporra of Philadelphia.



Some however, didn’t feel a thing.

“I was at an office park at work running around on assignment. I didn't feel anything because the car was in motion,” says Tom Howell, CEO of Beemerology.com

“Everyone else around felt it, but not me. It could have been the drinks,” laughs Denise Clark from Horsham, who was vacationing on the Ocean City Maryland beach.

“I was doing a video shoot and had no idea,” said Gene Volpe from Philly Metro Home Tours.

According to Mayor Nutter, there has been very minimal building damage in Philadelphia, which isn’t great, but it could have been a lot worse.

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Article photo: Patrick Semansky/The Associated Press
Building photo: Alex Brandon/The Associated Press