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Green Thumb Drives, Philadelphia’s latest startup business, offers digital solutions while going green


In today’s world of startup businesses, there is some stiff competition.
Do you have the right product? Can you be different but not pretentious?

As luck would have it, Green Thumb Drives, a brand new business headquartered in Chester County, does both. The company, which has offices in Philadelphia and New York, consists of owners Danny Smith (President), Vinnie Zambuto (Operations), and Troy Stanley (Technology). Green Thumb Drives was articulated into its current eCommerce format in May after its inception last year. A USB Flash Drive from Green Thumb Drives.

While the company specializes in digital software, you need to look no further than their business name to know they are doing their part to help preserve the environment as well. In fact, the brain trust of ‘Green Thumb’ had that mission in mind before the company even existed.

“We actually looked at starting a new business, and our main focus was to build it around the whole green initiative,” said Smith. “All of us had friends in the printing industry who started the digital process. We were indirectly all friends of each other and we put a team together."

"All of us bring a great amount of experience to the table in respective businesses. We had a couple of partners in the printing industry and it kind of goes hand in hand how everybody is switching right now to stop paper usage and go green. They had been seeing a steep decline in that industry, so then it was our idea to open a flash drive business. The whole process took about a year.”

Green Thumb Drives offers many products in digital form (just check out their website and you’ll see what I mean), and the company’s most popular item in their early existence is their card flash drives.

“They are very popular,” says Smith. “They’ve been out for a little while, but now people are catching on. They’re sleek, nice, and you can stick it in your wallet and plug it in anywhere you go.”

As with any startup, feedback is critical, and Smith is encouraged so far by the positive responses for ‘Green Thumb.’

“So far it has been excellent. Everybody is going green and starting to go digital. It’s a slow process, but we guide people along and show them what’s available. Although we want people to stop using paper when they don’t need to, they still want a tangible item in their hand to give people, and that’s what flash drives do.”

Not only is Green Thumb effective from an environmental standpoint, but it can improve a business owner’s image as well. Green Thumb donates a portion of the proceeds of individual sales to Traditions and Hope, a non-profit organization who plants trees in the customers names as well as ‘Green Thumbs.’

“If your business orders a certain quantity of flash drives, we calculate how many trees you planted through your order and you get credit for that. Your business can also use this for their own PR, and they can do that through us,” says Fred Calalang, ‘Green Thumb’s’ marketing and PR agent who runs Nine Dots Marketing in Philadelphia.

Although Green Thumb Drives is local, business is coming from all over the country, according to Smith.GreenThumbDrives.com

“I’m the old fashioned type where I get on the phone and spread the word. We let them know what we’re all about and give them the’ wow’ factor. That’s how we get referrals, and it’s great customer service. And Fred works wonders in the marketing field.”

As for future plans regarding ‘Green Thumb Drives,’ the guys have some ideas for expanding the product, but they’re taking things one step at a time.

“We want to get the ball rolling and get the clients in,” says Calalang. “There are some new products coming out soon. We’re keeping our finger on the pulse to stay on the curve and find people something that they haven’t heard of yet. The application of new technology and experiential learning. We go to trade shows and make sure it’s a good message. We don’t wanna jettison the message into a vacuum. We want to put it in the hands of someone who can use what we offer.”

There are plenty of green solutions, but not only does ‘Green Thumb Drives’ help save trees by selling digital flash drives, they plant them too.

 What more could you want out of Philly's newest successful startup?!

Check out Green Thumb Drives at www.greenthumbdrives.com

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