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Stolen U-Hauls Recovered in Philadelphia, Route 422 Toll Debate, and Phillies Lose to Astros


The Omelette Tuesday September 13, 2011

Stolen U-Haul Trucks Recovered in Philly

Several stolen u-haul trucks prompted federal authorities to conduct a search in lieu of the hightened terrorist threat level in the past week.

A total of six trucks have been stolen since September 3rd and five have been recovered according to NBC10.

ABC6 states that just 2 of the 4 trucks stolen on September 11th were recovered though. 

Route 422 Toll Forum Taking Place Tonight

A forum will be taking place tonight regarding proposals to put tolls on Route 422. Local citizens are invited to state their opinions.

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission will state their case as to why these tolls are a good idea, which noone in their right mind believes.

The forum will take place at Pope John Paul II High School in Royersford.

Phillies Fall to Astros 5-1

Even though the Astros are by far the worst team in the majors, Roy Oswalt could not defeat his former team last night in the 5-1 defeat.

While it's certainly not devastating for the Phillies who are a lock to win the NL East, it's embarrassing to say the least. Heading into last night's game the Astros had just 49 wins. Now, the Astros have 50 wins and handed the Phillies just their 50th loss on the season.

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