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Complete List of SOPA Supporters in Congress


Just who supports the SOPA Legislation which was shelved by Congress yesterday? The legislation came at the behest of Hollywood and the Music Industry and was spearheaded by Texas Republican Congressman Lamar Smith.

Following Wikipedia's blackout on Wednesday and blackouts by other sites, the legislation gained worldwide attention and is dead for now.

Philly2Philly has a complete list of House Democrats and Republicans who supported this legislation.


ARKANSAS Tim Griffin Republican RepTimGriffin @RepTimGriffin griffin.house.gov

ARIZONA Ben Quayle Republican N/A @benquayle quayle.house.gov

CALIFORNIA Judy Chu Democrat RepJudyChu @RepJudyChu chu.house.gov

CALIFORNIA Howard L. Berman Democrat facebook @RepHowardBerman house.gov/berman

CALIFORNIA Mary Bono Mack Republican facebook @Rep_BonoMack bono.house.gov

CALIFORNIA Joe Baca Democrat facebook N/A house.gov/baca

CALIFORNIA Karen Bass Democrat N/A @RepKarenBass karenbass.house.gov

CALIFORNIA Elton Gallegly Republican eltongallegly @eltongallegly24 house.gov/gallegly

CALIFORNIA Brad Sherman Democrat N/A @BradSherman bradsherman.house.gov

CALIFORNIA Adam B. Schiff Democrat CongressmanSchiff @RepAdamSchiff schiff.house.gov

CONNECTICUT John B. Larson Democrat RepJohnLarson @repjohnlarson house.gov/larson

FLORIDA Ted Deutch Democrat N/A @repteddeutch deutch.house.gov

FLORIDA Dennis Ross Republican N/A @RepDennisRoss dennisross.house.gov

FLORIDA Debbie Wasserman Schultz Democrat N/A @DWStweets house.gov/schultz

GEORGIA John Barrow Democrat facebook @repjohnbarrow barrow.house.gov

LOUISIANA Steve Scalise Republican N/A N/A scalise.house.gov

MICHIGAN John Conyers Jr. Democrat facebook @repjohnconyers house.gov/conyers

MISSISSIPPI Alan Nunnelee Republican alannunnelee @RepAlanNunnelee nunnelee.house.gov

NEBRASKA Lee Terry Republican leeterry @LEETERRYNE leeterry.house.gov

NEVADA Mark Amodei Republican N/A @AmodeiNevada amodei.house.gov

NEW MEXICO Ben Ray Lujan Democrat RepBenRayLujan @repbenraylujan lujan.house.gov

NEW YORK Peter T. King Republican reppeteking @RepPeteKing peteking.house.gov

NEW YORK Bill Owens Republican repbillowens @BillOwensNY owens.house.gov

NORTH CAROLINA Melvin Watt Democrat N/A @MelWattNC12 house.gov/watt

OHIO Steven J. Chabot Republican N/A @repSteveChabot chabot.house.gov

PENNSYLVANIA Tim Holden Democrat CongressmanTimHolden @RepTimHolden holden.house.gov

PENNSYLVANIA Tom Marino Republican N/A @RepTomMarino marino.house.gov

TENNESSEE Marsha Blackburn Republican marchablackburn @marshablackburn house.gov/blackburn

TENNESSEE Jim Cooper Democrat facebook @repjimcooper cooper.house.gov

TEXAS John Carter Republican facebook @JudgeCarter carter.house.gov

TEXAS Lamar Smith Republican LamarSmithTX21 @LamarSmithTX21 lamarsmith.house.gov

VIRGINIA Robert W. Goodlatte Republican BobGoodlatte @RepGoodlatte house.gov/goodlatte

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