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Joe Biden and Paul Ryan's Debate Was a Toss-Up


In contrast to the first presidential debate in which there was a clear winner, Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate was largely a toss-up.  BothPaul Ryan Joe Biden candidates gave strong performances that represented themselves well, in addition to their potential Commanders-in-Chief.

On the Democratic side, Vice President Joe Biden put his decades worth of experience as a public servant on display with his ability to command the stage (if there was an aggressor in this debate, it was clearly Biden), and connect with the audience through personal stories of perseverance, specifically in the case of his wife and daughter who were killed in a car crash.

And on the Republican ticket, Paul Ryan played an excellent advocate for Mitt Romney through his recounting of the character of the potential presidential-elect.  After the original debate, one of the reasons Mitt Romney gained support was because for the first time this campaign season, Americans saw a relatable side of Mitt Romney.  Paul Ryan capitalized on this sentiment, and took it a step further with his re-telling of a Massachusett family’s story of their personal encounter with Mitt Romney.

Unlike the Presidential debate, the Vice Presidential debate felt starkly more serious. There were no friendly quips, and no half “jokes” about Big Bird (thank God).  Their mission was clear: make their running mate look like a man fit to run the country for the next four years, and the one that does that best is the best running mate.  

Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan did just that, and the presidential race should remain largely unchanged as a result.  

Unlike the last Presidential election, Americans won’t confuse who they’re voting for to lead their country.  President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney are the presidential candidates, and Vice President Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan, if elected, will be there to support them.

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