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President Obama and Mitt Romney Get Nasty in Their Second Debate


A completely different President Obama showed up at the debate last night at Hofstra University. We saw a President who was feistier and argumentative. At times it looked like he and Republican challenger Mitt Romney were going to get into it physically.

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CNN reporter Candy Crowley moderated the Town Hall style event in which questions were asked by everyday normal citizens. A college student kicked off the evening with a question for Mitt Romney. He explained that he his teachers are telling him it will be tough for him to find a job. Just how will Governor Romney help him out?

What ensued was an hour and 40 minutes of debating and arguing which we haven't seen in any debate in quite some time. Throughout the evening the adversaries circled each other like a pair of dogs.

Romney and Obama agreed on nothing last night. If there is one thing they can both agree on; it's that they come from different planets politically. Mitt Romney is your classic Republican who comes from the business world. President Obama is the progressive liberal who believes that it is the Government's duty to put all Americans on a "level playing field."

Last night Romney barked back that "the government can't create jobs" after Obama touted his plans to build on the 5 million-plus jobs which were created over the past 3 1/2 years.

What we bore witness to last night was one of the classic confrontational debates in history. It was great political theatre and entertaining. Obama and Romney at times were disrespectful of one another. They jarred and sparred. And, from the looks of it you can tell that they don't like one another personally.

Things certainly got personal last night between both candidates. At times moderator Candy Crowley probably felt like she might have to step in there and break the two apart. The issues of unemployment, Obamacare, job creation, taxes, the Libyan Embassy Attack, and Social Security brought venom out of both candidates.

As to whoever won last night would depend on which side of the spectrum you sit on. If you're a Romney supporter you probably felt that he won. If you're an Obama supporter than you probably felt he won. This debate had a remarkably different tone than the one from two weeks ago when Obama looked tired and disinterested in many ways.

The next debate will take place on this coming Tuesday.

For a fact-checking analysis of last night's debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney check out CBS News' breakdown.

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