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President Obama Comes out Swinging at Mitt Romney in Second Debate


After infuriating his base, and giving his opposition a reason to believe they finally had a real opportunity to turn around the presidential race in favor of Governor Mitt Romney, President Obama came to the second presidential debate prepared for a boxing match.

Whereas Governor Mitt Romney began the debate by thanking the moderator, audience, and President for the debate that evening, Obama flew off his stool ready to attack the first question.  He clearly listened to his base’s criticism after the first debate, and took the more aggressive role in this debate by interrupting Mitt Romney multiple times.  He didn’t bother answering Romney’s accusations with long, drawn out explanations, but by simply interjecting, “That’s not true.”  Short, but effective nonetheless.  He said nothing about himself, while at the same time painting many of Romney’s statements as false or misleading.

obama romney debate

Alternatively, Governor Romney kept Obama on the defensive when it came to his economic record over the past four years. And, Romney laid out a five point plan for how he would differ not only from the current President, but former President George W. Bush as well - a critical distinction for some moderate voters.  He also nailed President Obama on the economy by pointing out insufficient job creation and a national deficit that continues to grow in the trillions.  Furthermore, he capitalized on his experience edge over President Obama by pointing viewers back to his time as a successful businessman, and Governor of Massachussetts.  

In short, President Barack Obama won back the love and respect of his party Tuesday night, and Governor Mitt Romney continued to increase his potential in this race by exploiting a lacking economy, and laying out a specific plan to turn it around.  Both men did well by their party, and both parties will claim their candidate won.

In truth, there is one debate left, and less than three more weeks for voters to decide who the winner will be.  As for the winner of the debate series, that will be left for the third debate on Monday, October 23 in Chicago hosted by Larry King.

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