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President Obama and Mitt Romney's Third Debate: Plenty of Work in Final Two Weeks


The debate on Monday night between President Obama and Mitt Romney was, in a lot of ways a continuation of the debate the prior week.  Both candidates verbally duked it out to try to win over moderate voters, and strengthen their bases.

obama romney 4th debate

President Obama continued the same strategy of interrupting Governor Romney whenever he started to make a valid point by interjecting, “That’s not true.”  He was also clearly and noticeably more confident than Governor Romney, and capitalized on the opportunities to highlight his foreign policy strengths.

On the other hand, Governor Mitt Romney stumbled at times, but did not have any gaffes.  He distanced himself from George W. Bush’s doctrine, and agreed with the President on the foreign policy points that would appeal to moderates, but called the President out on issues that would appeal to his conservative base.  

On the whole, neither candidate made any exceptional comments that would disqualify themselves from remaining competitive to moderates, and on that point both candidates won the night.  

Rather, the biggest story of the night was not as much the substance of the candidates answers, but the lack of meaningful questions posed to them.  

Most notably, the Drug War remains the most relevant and controversial foreign policy issue facing the everyday life of Americans.  While both candidates wanted to use the debate to revert back to their domestic policies, they missed the perfect segway.  Border control and the Drug War is a serious issue facing most immediately, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  But taking that one step further, the Drug War -- stemming from Mexican drug cartels and the violence it creates is a very real national security threat, and has lead to a number of problematic issues here at home.  Specifically, how does America adjust to a minority group fleeing a corrupt government heavily influenced by drug cartels, that then leads to the over-population of schools and hospitals here at home when so many legal Americans do not have basic access to these services themselves?

This, along with the lack of coverage of the candidates’ actual stance on meaningful issues throughout the entire debate series should and has left many Americans outraged.  While the debates have given us little insight into the specific agendas of the candidates running to lead our country, the mainstream media has given us hours upon hours of moments that won’t matter on Election day.

With two weeks left, Obama and Romney will have to continue to work hard to prove to the American people they are as serious about getting Americans back to work and pulling us out of a growing trillion dollar deficit, as they are about bayonets, horses, and Big Bird.

Photo of Obama and Romney from AP

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