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President Obama and Mitt Romney's First Debate: The Edge Goes to Romney


“It’s the economy, stupid.”

One need look no further than this four word statement to understand what happened in the Presidential debate Wednesday night.  Obama Romney Debate

 Over the last few months, both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have been criticized for not answering specifics on what they intend to do if elected on November 6.  They have been criticized because rather than focusing on the specifics of their agendas,  this campaign season has been based largely on petty and disingenuous mischaracterizations, and diverting Americans’ attention to the fabricated “War on Women,” rather than the mishandling of the economy over the last four years.  

But Wednesday night, Obama couldn’t hide by shifting his gaze toward the podium, or by letting his cohorts in the liberal media spin the words of Mitt Romney.  On Wednesday night, the President’s dismal job creation record, and steadily increasing deficit numbers left much debate fodder for Mitt Romney to work with.  Unprotected by a speech rehearsed, or someone to step in and  protect him, President Obama looked much like a man that after four years didn’t feel like he had to explain himself -- to Mitt Romney or the American people.

Besides that, Obama also revealed the biggest and most important, game-changing proponent of this election.  That Obama’s biggest flaw is also the one that Americans most care about -- the economy.  As long as Romney sticks to what he knows on the economy and business, there’s salvation for his faux pas over the last few months.

So while the DNC Convention may have blown Americans out of the water with the pomp and circumstance, and their beautifully and charismatically crafted speeches, the first Presidential debate went to Mitt Romney.

Photo of Obama and Romney at the debate from nola.com

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