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President Obama Defeats Mitt Romney: Now the Post-Election Blame Game


On Tuesday, Americans saw President Barack Obama voted into a second term at 11:30pm, much quicker than the media had predicted.  There were no arduous battles, no lawsuits, and no nail biting.  Governor Romney gave a humble and eloquent concession speech, and wished the obama 2012 victoryPresident a successful second term.

So Americans will have four more years of the same with the Senate strongly Democratic with two new seats picked up thanks to last minute faux pas in Indiana and Missouri.  The House is still predominantly Republican with a negligible loss (8 seats give or take a few still in contention).

And so begins the finger pointing as to how a President with an historically lagging economy could possibly win this election so handily.

Annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion are a fixture of his tenure, guaranteeing that the national debt of $16 trillion will continue to grow, presumably until it explodes.

Many have questioned whether the Republican party needs to reform some of its most strict social issues, and expand its base to appeal to an uncontrollably, multiplying hispanic population.  Yes, Republicans need to weed out candidates who talk like morons about rape, and find a way to appeal to minority groups.  Although, their problem is not policy, but communication of policy.  

The theme of the election for Republicans should have been, “It’s about the economy, stupid,” and not one of the candidates running for office should have ever deviated from that issue.  To answer obviously divisive social questions, and then to do so in such an ambiguous -- easily taken-out-of-context -- nature was an automatic disqualification from the race in voters’ minds, and every candidate and staff member involved should have known better than to go off the message of “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Others have blamed Governor Mitt Romney, himself (although, that’s much too easy and obvious a target).  For a long time, Mitt Romney remained on the defensive regarding his character and experience at Bain Capital.  Neither of those attacks ever should have caught fire with the American people.  

True, the Republican party does need to elect a presidential candidate that motivates their base to go to the polls.  I find it hard to believe that any true conservative -- traditional or compassionate -- found Governor Mitt Romney to be as profound or awe-defying a leader as liberals find President Barack Obama.  

Some blame Governor Chris Christie’s late praise of the President’s leadership during Hurricane Sandy, but the truth of the matter is that for the more informed voter, reaching across the aisle is a staple of Christie’s (except where it comes to unions), and so there was no major surprise there (i.e. Mayor Cory Booker, hello!).  Rather, Hurricane Sandy struck at just the right time to create an awkward halt in Romney’s momentum, and allow a solo stage for Obama to stand out as an untouchable Commander-in-Chief.

All of these issues contributed to the re-election of President Barack Obama.  So we carry on, and we find a way to work together as we approach the fiscal cliff that will result in catastrophic consequences for our country -- rich and poor.

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