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Rick Santorum Is Not the Right Republican to Run Against President Obama


According to the latest polling for the GOP presidential primary in Michigan, Rick Santorum continues to soar against front runners (until recently),rick santorum Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.  

The last two debates focused the spotlight on Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich’s, personal and heated animosity for one another, leaving a perfect pathway for Rick Santorum to take advantage and gain exposure in what has been a tumultuous battle for the GOP nomination.  It’s no wonder Rick Santorum has found his 15 minutes of fame as one of the last nominees standing, but it is quite surprising that in this election, Santorum would even find relevancy in the narrative.

 The issue most concerning American voters in November will be without a doubt, the economy.  That is, which candidate is best prepared to take the reins in November and hit the ground running to get the country back on the track of economic prosperity?  Since he’s gained the media spotlight, Santorum has been saying all the right things, but constituents of Pennsylvania have first-hand knowledge of what Santorum's leadership looks like.

With that being said, before voters praise the former Senator and jump on his bandwagon, they should also look to his record in Pennsylvania as an indicator for his ability to be a pragmatic leader, and a truly principled conservative.

Without going any further, Santorum is a champion of social conservatism, that is not in question.  What is in question is his adherence to the pro-growth, limited government, fiscally conservative values the country is so desperately in need of to get the country back on track to economic prosperity.  His own voting record, and his support of other big government Republicans, show he’s not what the country is looking for.

During his tenure as PA Senator, Rick Santorum was part of the big government Republican contingency that was voted out because voters couldn’t trust him to vote on the same values that he had campaigned on.  For example, Santorum continues to defend his prolific use of earmarks while in the Senate, and gives a weak defense for his support of President Bush’s big government, failed education initiative -- No Child Left Behind.  His defense? “It was against the principles I believed in, but, you know, when you're part of the team, sometimes you take one for the team for the leader, and I made a mistake.”

If conservatives are looking for a candidate without a risk of flip-flopping, it won’t be found in this field. And certainly not in this candidate who has a history of voting on popularity, not on principle.

Voting record aside, and I say this all the time, national leaders need to be able to bring people in and along.  Ronald Reagan is known as the greatest conservative of all-time.  Why was that? Because of his ability to bring people in and along to his message.  The same cannot be said for Rick Santorum.  

While Democrats will have President Barack Obama, a man who the mainstream media loves to expound as he who encompasses all that is right and just in the world, following Santorum’s years in office, there was a satirical website ridiculing him by likening him to, “The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”

One report concluded that the reason Santorum lost in 2006 was because he’d lost much of the support he had when he originally ran.  He struggled with white Catholics, young voters, and most importantly, independents.

Does that sound like the characteristics of a man who will be the next President of the United States to you?  Me neither.

If conservative voters are looking for a dependably principled conservative alternative to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum is not the answer.  Ask Pennsylvanians.

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