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Philly2Philly.com's Quotes of the Week - Kony 2012 Director Jason Russell, Peyton Manning, Rick Santorum, and Rush Limbaugh


The Omelette Sunday March 11, 2012 Quotes of the Week

Kony 2012 Gets Global Attention

Jason Russell, the director of "Kony 2012" has brought global attention to Joseph Kony, an accused war criminal from Uganda. Russell's 28-minute documentary "Kony 2012" has gone viral and was viewed by more than 21 million people since Monday.

The film focuses on the plight of children in Uganda at the hands of the warlord Joseph Kony, who is the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) guerilla group. His group is alleged to have abducted 60,000 children.

Jason Russell went on "Access Hollywood Live" to talk about this online movement. Russell said, “It is a movement that is beyond us. It is the youth of the world waking up… they’ve been told, ‘You have potential, you have social network, you’re powerful,’ but they hadn’t realized what that means yet. And now they do....The war’s not over yet… We’re almost there and [this is] the last piece… if [Kony] comes to the International Criminal Court, but the world doesn’t know about it, what an atrocity that would be....The world needs to realize, you can’t have Hitlers anymore. We’re not going to have Rwandan genocides anymore. We’re stopping that."

Russell went on to say that a campaign to get Kony to surrender will be underway.

"He is surrounded by innocence, so he’s surrounded by abducted children. That’s why he’s so protected because it’s really hard to kill children that are forced there against their will.....It’s going to be really difficult but we can do it, we can do it peacefully. Joseph Kony is obsessed with himself and obsessed with his image. He’s listening to what’s happening right now in the jungles of the Congo. He can hear us so we need everyone that’s listening to hashtag ‘Konysurrender.’ One word ‘Konysurrender’ that’s what we need everyone to do", said Russell.

Peyton Manning's Colts Career Ends as He's Released This Week

Peyton Manning's 14-year career with the Indianapolis Colts came to an end this week when it was announced he would be released. The Colts were on the hook for a $28 million bonus and decided to sever ties. It's been assumed since their woeful 0-13 start to the season, that they were going to draft Andrew Luck with the #1 overall pick and move on from Manning.

Manning and Colts owner Jim Irsay held a joint press conference on Wednesday, which was quite emotional.

Manning held back tears as he said, "For 14 wonderful years, the only professional football I've known is Colts football. Our team won a lot of games here, and I played with so many great teammates here, and I've been part of a great organization. I've been a Colt for almost my entire adult life -- but in life, and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts forever. Times change, circumstances change, and that's the reality of playing in the NFL."

Manning added, "Jim and I have spoken extensively about where we are today, and our conversations have led both of us to recognize that our circumstances make it best for us to take this next step. This has not been easy for Jim, and it certainly has not been easy for me."

Yesterday Manning met with the Denver Broncos, which must mean they aren't totally sold on Tim Tebow. He will visit the Arizona Cardinals next on his tour.

Rick Santorum Comes up Short on Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney narrowly edged Rick Santorum on Super Tuesday by winning Ohio with a slim margin along with 5 other states. But, that didn't stop Santorum from spinning it into a moral victory despite being outnumbered in delegates by more than a 2 to 1 margin. Romney currently has 446 delegates to Santorum's 199.

Santorum spouted off, "We have won in the West, the Midwest, and the South, and we're ready to win across this country."

Santorum's speech wasn't energetic enough to keep his son awake though. His son was caught yawning during his speech.

Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke...Brushes Off Loss of Advertisers

Rush Limbaugh has been under fire since making inflammatory remarks about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh called her a "slut" and a "prostitute" after she testified on Capital Hill in support of contraceptive coverage by health insurance companies.

Limbaugh issued an apology this week on his radio show:

"I again sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for using those two words to describe her. I do not think she is either of those two words. I did not think last week that she was either of those two words."

Limbaugh's so-called apology is a complete joke. Anyone with half a brain knows he isn't sorry for what he said. He's only sorry that he lost advertisers for Clear Channel. Despite that he brushed off the exodus of advertisers from his program by saying it won't have any affect on his income or his radio program. Limbaugh is even taking a hardline stance against any advertisers who left his show and said he "doesn't want them back."

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