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Hilary Rosen's Comments About Mitt Romney's Wife Distract Us From President Obama's Economic Policies


Although the 24/7 media cycle has had a field day with the comments of Democratic strategist, Hilary Rosen, and used them to continue the gender and culture wars discussion, the real issue is not Hilary Rosen or her comments at all.  The real story is that Democrats are creating a “GOP War on Women” narrative to avoid talking about the issue that could realistically prevent them from winning the White House in November - the economy.

hilary rosen


To be sure, there is no GOP War on Women, nor do Hilary Rosen’s comments exemplify a Democrat War on Women.  

Rather, if anything they exemplify an intolerance and ignorance on Hilary Rosen’s part.  An intolerance for women who choose a life path dissimilar to hers, and an ignorance for what it means to be a stay-at-home mother.  

But war on women?  That talk needs to stop.

Political contributors, analysts and leaders need to stop capitalizing on an antiquated social argument, and fabricated talking point to avoid talking the tough issues and be adults.  I thought the political media was supposed to stop instigating unnecessarily divisive and inflammatory language, and actually report the news and information Americans need to make informed decisions.

The real issue is that the economy under the Obama Administration has been defined by anything but economic prosperity.  The lowest unemployment rate the country has seen since President Obama took office was 7.8%, the month he took office.  Since then, it’s been lingering around 9%-10%, and only recently has it come down to 8%.  And the recent decrease is said to be a reflection of the unemployed no longer looking for work, rather than an increase in the actual workforce.  And for those in the workforce, salaries haven’t increased.  

As for the economy as a whole, the housing market still hasn’t rebounded from the crisis that took place in 2008.  Four years later, and the housing market hasn’t improved, and in some ways has hit new lows.

And while some political analysts have suggested there’s been economic recovery, the sustainability of that recovery is in question due to rising gas prices.

To clarify, none of these discrepancies in the economy are a result of President Barack Obama, but his lack of leadership and support for certain policies haven’t had the effect needed to turn the economy around either.

For example, his opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline is one piece of legislation that could decrease America’s dependency on foreign oil (which is the largest reason for higher gas prices), and create jobs.  Opposition to key bills (it’s gaining Democrat support in the House and Senate) such as the one for the Keystone Pipeline hurts American families, and makes the Administration look bad.

In this economy, it’s no secret President Obama’s Democratic cohorts are changing the narrative.

During every Presidential election year, Americans are told to ask themselves, “Is your life better today than it was four years ago?” And that’s not going to change.  This year, I don’t think the number one question voters as a whole are going to ask themselves is, “Which one of these candidates is more pro-women?”

Voters are going to go to the polls and ask themselves, “Is this person going to pursue the best path for my family and my future, economically?”
Hilary Rosen’s comments do nothing to create productive discussion on how to get the country’s economy back on track, but they do, at least for a little while, divert America’s attention away from talking about it.

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