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Jerry Sandusky is Convicted on 45 Counts of Child Sexual Abuse: Now What?


As most of the country now knows, Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 counts of sexual child abuse.

As many stood outside the courthouse, cheering at the guilty verdict, Jerry Sandusky’s attorney continued to defend his client in spite of a fair trialSandusky guilty in which there were multiple accounts of his abuse, multiple times, with firsthand witnesses.

The majority of reactions, rightly so, is that this was an horrific scandal for which there is no definitive answer or solution.  Perhaps there is solace for the victims, families of the victims, and for the community in which Sandusky was able to freely live, knowing that behind bars he’ll no longer be able to physically harm another child, but the emotional scars of his actions will never have an end.

The brave victims who took the stand tally at 10 over 15 years. The sad part about this scandal (aside from the obvious) is that one man, alone, does not get away with such horrific acts, multiple times, on multiple persons, in public places without help.  

Because Sandusky was convicted, many will go about satisfied with the fact that he is behind bars, but what about those in the community that supported him?  The question of the disappearance of the investigator assigned to an earlier charge against Sandusky has still never been answered.

Perhaps Americans should sleep soundly knowing that the justice system worked against Jerry Sandusky, the individual.  But the long lasting effect on the community and future of its children will go unresolved until all of those involved in creating a culture of tolerance for Sandusky’s behavior are brought to justice as well.

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