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Scott Walker's Recall Election Victory Will Have a Huge Impact on President Obama's Reelection Campaign


On Tuesday, Wisconsinites turned out at the polls to partake in a recall election that many in the political arena view as a snapshot of the current Scott Walkersentiment towards the Obama Administration, and a foreshadow to what is to come in the Fall.  Those on the Right view the victory of anti-union stalwart, Governor Scott Walker, as a sort of vote of confidence against the policies of the Obama Administration.  While those on the Left have asserted that this latest loss is misleading for President Barack Obama’s chances of re-election in November.

But regardless of how media outlets choose to spin Wisconsin’s latest election, the truth is that this is just one example in a group of many that suggests that at least Wisconsinites are not buying what the Obama Administration, or its liberal supporters are selling.

Like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin is neither a reliably Blue nor Red state.  With that being said, up until 2010 Wisconsin was the home of two of the most liberal Senators in Congress at the time, former Senators Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl.  But, in 2010 Senator Russ Feingold was unseated by Tea Party favorite Ron Johnson.  And just a year later, Republican Governor Scott Walker was elected as Wisconsin’s 45th Governor.

In a controversial and potentially career-killing move, Walker took on the entrenched union control within the state.  As a result, he was recalled, and in a race where over sixty million dollars was spent, and with a turnout nearing presidential levels, he was the victor.

So as Democratic analysts spend the rest of the week and month doing damage control to prevent President Obama's Administration from becoming even more vulnerable to scrutiny on its economic policies, onlookers should take note…..

If the largely moderate electorate in Wisconsin is electing progressively conservative candidates into office within such a close time frame of one another, then perhaps there is (at least) an inkling of truth that the Obama Administration had better turn around some of its progressive policies.

Unlike the congressional primaries that have been taking place every Tuesday over the last month and a half where only the most conservative voting bloc is electing a candidate to represent their party, the entirety of Wisconsinites were able to make their voices heard.

And it wasn’t saying “hope and change” circa 2008.

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