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President Obama's Affordable Care Act: A Tax For The Middle Class


Fresh off the historic Supreme Court ruling for the legality of his “Affordable Care Act,” President Obama and his re-election team are finding that victory is not so sweet.

President Obama may have succeeded in taking the first step to accomplish his idea of creating an affordable health care plan, but the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Roberts made sure it wasn’t a complete victory when it found his plan constitutional as a tax.  A nasty word to all Americans -- rich, poor, and middle-class alike.

Two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” as constitutional as it is relative to Congress’ power to “lay president obamaand collect tax,” and stagnant employment numbers, the President has voiced his intent to pursue an extension of tax cuts for the middle class.

According to reports, Obama called for a temporary extension of Bush-era tax cuts for Americans making under $250,000 a year - the same electorate that would be most affected, and likely taxed by the mandate implemented by his “Affordable Care Act.”

The connection between the recent state of the economy, and tax mandate of the ACA should not be ignored.  In reality, the President is exchanging one tax for another.  While the President’s health care plan will mandate a new tax for middle class Americans without health care, his Administration is detracting from that issue by trying to sway voters’ attention to a tax cut implemented by the same Bush Administration he blames for the country’s economic recession.

Don’t let his campaign fool you.  

Setting aside the detriment to the health care industry alone that will result, it’s the middle class that the ACA will end up taxing, not the rich. TheACA mandate affects those without health care, not the rich who likely have health care already.

Americans in general cannot afford, and won’t tolerate more taxes at this time, but that’s exactly what the “Affordable Care Act” will do.  His re-election campaign knows that, and knows it will hurt him in November. 

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