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President Obama Vs. Mitt Romney: The 2012 Presidential Election is a Bust


Over the past few months, the public has been inundated by mostly negative coverage of this presidential election.  Most of it being aimed at what a “weird” and “unfit” President Mitt Romney would make.

obama romney

But the real offense of this election is that neither candidate has proven they are exceptionally fit to lead.  And neither candidate is much different than the other.  

Furthermore, they both stand to continue the big government spending ideas that the Obama Administration has so often criticized his predecessor for along the campaign trail.  Over the past 5 years, President Obama has blamed the policies of President Bush’s Administration for the poor state of the economy.  

Has President Obama proved he deserves a second term?  Let’s look at his record:

1) The Auto Bailout

While many liberals like to label George W. Bush the “Worst President Ever,” it was his idea to temporarily bailout the auto industry.  With no better idea of how to restructure this country’s economic policy or industries to make them “risk-averse,” Obama followed the lead of President Bush before him, and supported a bailout as one of his first orders of business.

2) Obamacare

Again, it was under George W. Bush’s watch that health care reform resulted in Medicare which has been referred to as "the greatest expansion in America's welfare state in forty years.”  And under his watch, President Obama has extended that welfare state by attaching a mandate to his health care reform.

3) Unemployment

According to the Economic Policy Institute,  the labor market still has a deficit of close to 10 million jobs, and the lack of demand for workers means unemployment remains high, labor force participation is weak, and wage growth for people with jobs remains low.

4) International Affairs

Perhaps the most redeeming event of President Obama’s career is that he will go down in history as the President “who killed Osama Bin Laden.”  But it’s also been under his watch that relations with historically strong and reliable allies have been strained -- most notably Israel.   Furthermore, while President Obama was campaigning in 2008, one of his most passionate campaign promises was to close the controversial, Guantanamo Bay prison.

Not only has Obama not fulfilled that promise, he has actually come to embraced the controversial terror war symbol, ordering the resumption of military tribunals and even moving the accused 9/11 plotters’ trial from a civilian court in New York City to the secret military court at Guantanamo.

The point being that, while the mainstream media will flood the airwaves from now until November 6 with the latest Romney “faux pas,” the truth of the matter is that neither candidate offers a true alternative to the government we’ve seen in the last decade.

For all intents and purposes, Americans should consider this presidential election season a bust, and hope for a better slate of  candidates in 2016.

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