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Democratic National Convention: President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Bill Clinton Can't Ignore Friday's Jobs Report


This week’s DNC Convention confirmed what many of us already knew: that President Barack Obama has been here and done this, and he’s got the team to back him up.

Beginning with the First Lady’s speech, in which Michelle Obama’s tone and message were exactly on point, and followed by former President of the United States Bill Clinton the next night, the Democratic convention concluded with flawless execution.

Most notably, the First Lady set herself apart from Ann Romney with her personal success story, and her support of her husband’s work and vision for America.  While the Democratic party’s resentment of the upper class has been a steady theme this campaign, the First Lady made an effective point to dispel the notion of class warfare perpetuated by the media in recent months.

hilary rosen

And on the other hand, arguably one of the most popular presidents of the United States, President Bill Clinton, gave a powerful seal of approval for a repeat term for President Obama.

So in terms of battles, the Democratic party may have won this time.  

But Friday ’s jobs report leaves much to be desired.  While the conventions could be informative to the average American catching up with party platforms, the fact remains that the past month’s job numbers were less than stellar.

At 96,000 jobs created, Americans have to ask themselves whether they care about powerful words, or powerful numbers.

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