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Chris Christie Was Wrong For Throwing the Republican Party Under the Bus


This weekend, I head to New Jersey for the first time in years, to the great city of Atlantic City.  And as I do so, I can’t help myself from bringing up the topic of the great Governor Chris Christie.

From the very beginning of his career, both as a candidate, then as a voracious leader in opposition of the teacher’s union in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie has been making waves.

Sandy Hook Students

And for the most part, conservatives have been fans of the Governor’s straight-forward approach, as he’s been an effective advocate of reigning in labor right’s in New Jersey, and bringing those within his Blue state government in and along to balance the state’s budget.  Albeit, wary conservatives did so turning their heads to the fact that they were pretty sure he was never an across the board conservative, but that at least he was an effective advocate to reigning in labor unions.  Even when most conservatives turned their back on the Governor for “selling out” presidential nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, I stood up for the big guy in standing up for his state.  

But now I must turn my back on Governor Chris Christie.  In the past week, Governor Christie threw the Republican party under the bus when they failed to pass a bill to provide assistance to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  As the Governor of New Jersey, running for his second term -- it was the right move.  The residents of New Jersey, in good faith have been paying their taxes for years under the pretense that in their time of need, their government would come to their assistance.  From their perspective, that government has failed them.  And that, arguably, is not wrong on their part.

If the governor were the thoughtful and informed public servant that I thought he was, his response would have been much different. That is not to say that Congress was not to blame, as they didn’t put a much better proposal on the table, but Christie’s lack of competence on the reasoning behind the bill’s tabling is a matter of concern for those acting on logic and not on emotion.  

That is, there is a bigger debate going on in America, that has been going on in America, for the last two years -- that if the federal government were more effective and in touch with the human interest perspective to this story -- Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey and New York would have gotten their aid much quicker, and without conflict.  Had the federal government, and this includes the Senate and the POTUS -- been doing their jobs for the last two years, there would be a budget, there would be spending reform, there would be answers to the problems that have prevented Hurricane Sandy victims from receiving the aid they so desperately need.

If the federal government, and this includes Congress (House and Senate), and the President of the United States, were serious about helping Hurricane Sandy victims, they would work together to create a bill that does not follow the textbook response of a cobbled together, overpriced, unaccountable, pork filled bill.  It would release the funds in installments to make sure the resources are spent wisely, strip out all immaterial line items, and fully offset all expenditures with spending cuts elsewhere. It would also include a way for the states to take over the responsibility for future disaster relief funding so that accountability is more localized.

If Governor Christie were serious about getting the job done, he would have marched down to Washington.  We know this because he’s been so effective on matters of balancing New Jersey’s budget, and smacking down the ludicrousness of the labor unions in a state where it could have cost him his career (rather than catapulting him to 70%+ approval).  When Governor Christie wants something done, he gets it done.  

Therefore, his public rant admonishing Republican leadership in the House was, like his hugging of President Barack Obama, a political opportunity.  

For this reason, Governor Chris Christie has shown he is no more sincere than any other politician before him.  He is no more interested in doing the right thing, than he is in getting re-elected.  

Regarding his readiness for a 2016 presidential bid, Christie said, "Yeah, you’re damn right I’d be more ready.”

Oh, Governor -- have fun getting through the primary season.  You shot yourself in the political foot when you threw the national party under the bus.

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