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All President Obama can do is light candles for Sandy Hook victims?


I am mad today.


I’m mad at the President of the United States.


I’m mad because on this first anniversary of the murders of twenty children in Newtown, Connecticut, the best our leader could do was to go downstairs at the White House and light a few candles for the television cameras.


This is what passes as remembrance today?Photo: mashable.com


This is a fitting memorial for children, children! Killed before they could begin to live?


And what has happened in this intervening year?


Here’s a partial list:


Gone is the horror that seized all of us when we heard the terrible news.


Gone is the determination to finally do something about gun violence in our country.


Gone is the resolve that we won’t idly sit around and helplessly watch as six and seven year old children are slaughtered in the place they should be safe: their school.


Gone is the disbelief and anger that accompanied the National Rifle Association’s declaration that the way to end this type of thing is to bring more guns into schools.


Gone, or perhaps never started, was a drive by Barack Obama to do something.


Instead, we get TV moments of leadership that don’t add up to much.


Michael Settle is a writer. He lives in Paris. His website is www.newnegotiator.com


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Photo: mashable.com