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President Obama's State of the Union Address: A Continuation of His Inaugural Address


Tuesday night, President Obama laid out an ambitious, liberally influenced agenda at the State of the Union Address.

On the night of Fat Tuesday, a day many Americans are supposed to celebrate before they give up one glutinous or superfluous habit for Lent, obama state of the unionit’s ironic that the President gave a speech in which he championed the continued spending culture, and expanding power of the federal government.

President Obama declared the State of the Union strong:

“Together we have cleared away the rubble of crisis, and can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger.”

To date, 22.7 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have given up looking for jobs.  And while he praised the 6 million jobs created during his Administration, that still leaves 16+ million Americans without jobs.

Furthermore, in his first 4 years in office, the national deficit has increased more than in the eight years (two wars and housing crisis) of the previous Administration.

To be fair, the President’s tone throughout his speech was much less partisan than his Inaugural Address, however he made it very clear that he would not skew from a left of center agenda for the next four years, touching on the points of climate change, gun control, education reform, ending the War in Afghanistan, and immigration reform (just to name a few).

The President’s intention to devote a serious part of his second term to climate change, and increasing the national minimum wage were perhaps the most surprising points of the night.

The most emotionally compelling and easily tear-jerking moment of the President’s speech was his impassioned statement on gun control:
“Hadiya’s parents, Nate and Cleo, are in this chamber tonight, along with more than two dozen Americans whose lives have been torn apart by gun violence.  They deserve a vote....”

But the most encouraging point that President Obama made through his speech was his point on immigration reform.  This was the only issue that the President insinuated any chance for compromise.

By and large, the President’s speech was a continuation of his Inaugural Address.  He continued to make the argument for big spending for liberal priorities, combined with scattered after-thoughts for spending cuts.

As we look forward, we can expect that these issues will be at the forefront of debate in Congress, and that the President will take a stronger stand in moving the country to the center-left.

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