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Boston Marathon bombings remind us that terrorism is alive and all too well


Boston police have finally hunted down Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, brother and accomplice of the now slain Boston marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  In the aftermath of one of our country's craziest days in recent memory, I’m still trying to make sense of all this (along with practically the entire population of this country who has a pulse). The father of the suspects claiming "all hell would break loose" if authorities would have killed his surviving son. As if he’s an ANY position to mouth off with a statement like that. 


Guess what, dad? All hell HAS broken loose, and your bastard sons caused all of it.  In addition to the entire country clamoring for your “beloved” Dzhokhar’s demise, there’s an estranged uncle who wants his head on a stick, too.Photo: news.nbcnews.com


Students at UMass Dartmouth had to be evacuated from their dorms because Dzhokhar Tsarnaev lived there. Authorities asked Boston residents to stay home and lock their doors. The entire city of Boston is on lockdown. This didn’t even happen on 9/11!


Yes, terrorism is back. Hold on a minute. Let me take that back. It was swept under the rug for 11 years. But when you think about it, did it ever really go away?


Because of terrorism, arguably the most celebrated day on the calendar in the state of Massachusetts has been forever tarnished by random acts of senseless violence. Although I’m a lifelong resident of the Tri-State area, I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Boston in 2002 during Patriots Day (oddly enough, the first one that took place since 9/11). The Boston Marathon combined with the excitement of your hometown baseball team (not mine, but that of Bostonians) playing in the morning has the entire city buzzing. The marathon is usually winding down by the end of the game- just in time to see the runners approach the finish line. Vendors are handing out samples of Nantucket Nectars. People are drinking, people are happy. For a while, life is good.

Because of terrorism, people are now going to have to make sure they stay away from trash cans or anywhere near something that closely resembles a backpack while walking in the streets on Patriots Day. From this point on, there will be a moment of silence in remembrance of the three victims and hundreds injured (as well as the MIT security guard killed by the brothers) as a result of these unspeakable acts committed by Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev- a bunch of soulless cowards. Two former Russian refugee brothers who seemingly showed no previous signs of being troubled.
Photo: Heavy.com
This terrorist act is the first on American soil since 2001. I could spout off all the usual jibber jabber about how you can’t live your life in fear and the evildoers will win if you do and yadda yadda yadda. Is it true? Absolutely. But the bottom line is that a special day in one of our country’s cities is now tarnished for all the wrong reasons. There can never be another Patriots Day without the dark cloud of what transpired Monday afternoon hanging over it. And despite the killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, that will never change.


Many questions still remain here, but some hopefully will be answered in several days or less. While it was a terroristic act, are they actual terrorists? Are they part of a group? And if so, who were the Tsarnaevs working for? Do they have demolitions training? Is this part of something much bigger?


In the wake of this disaster, our nation and the city of Boston has to regroup and remain defiant in the face of terror. In a weird and uncomfortable way, there were parts of Monday that felt just like 9/11- as these acts are capable of happening anytime, anywhere. Regardless of the intentions of the Tsarnaev brothers, the bottom line is that our country was attacked again. The Boston Marathon bombings are a cruel and horrible reminder that terror still freely exists in this world. When it decides to rear its ugly head is anybody’s guess.


Call this an editorial, call this a self-righteous rant. Either way, I’m one pissed off American. That’s not going to change, and this is far from over.


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