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IRS Scandal & the Justice Department: Next Time it Could Be YOU


When Republicans ran government under President Bush, Democrats complained of government overreach with Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, despite having been victim to a terrorist attack just a few months before. President Bush was accused of being equal to a war criminal, and many felt distaste towards his support of the PATRIOT Act.  At the time, the PATRIOT Act was seen as an egregious overreach of the federal government.Photo: John B. Carnett/Bonnier Corp./Getty Images


Over the last five years, Republicans have complained about aggressive government overreach into Americans’ pockets over tax policy and the President’s federally mandated healthcare program- despite many Americans’ agreement that our current healthcare system is in need of desperate reform. And for the last few months, gun control initiatives have been fiercely opposed because of the fear that universal background checks would lead to a national registry in which the government could abuse power.


Now, controversy over the IRS and Justice Department’s scandals creates even more fodder for conspiracy theorists who believe that government can and will abuse power when given the opportunity.


Although the Right has obviously politicized these recent events (and they should), Americans should still ask the burning question, should we trust government?  In reference to the Justice Department scandal, Morning Joe  host Joe Scarborough (a self-described conservative, although many conservatives reject him as their own), made the comment, “This goes beyond incompetence……This is sinister.”  While many Democrats have shrugged shoulders (though I realize there have also been critics), they and Republicans alike now have reason to seriously question the intent of government.


Democrats should be angry at the employees of the IRS who took it upon themselves to assert their personal ideological feelings into the democratic process.  We are a perfect union of Americans before we are an imperfect union of Democrats and Republicans or liberals and conservatives (And yes, there is a difference).


And at the very least, should this not put a dent in the argument that government is needed when there are so many employed (and growing) who are not concerned about the welfare for the general American populace, but for their own personal ideological gain?


While it’s become the culture of our media to use such events to polarize Americans based on political ideology, we should really be having a conversation about the role and size of government in the context of what government can and should actually do to improve our everyday lives.


Perhaps this time it was the Democrats, but for apathetic Democrats, next time it could be YOU that falls victim to partisan abuse of power.


So everyone should ask themselves, in government we trust?

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