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'People Against Distracted Driving' to hold first national “Walk With PADD” April 12, 2014


PADD to hold first national “Walk With PADD” April 12, 2014

People Against Distracted Driving is pleased to announce that New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company  is the premier sponsor of the Walk With PADD event being held this April 12th at Campbell’s Field.  NJM has pledged $5,000 as premier sponsor

“NJM has always been an advocate for driving safety, and as one of the state’s leading automobile insurers we know all too well the dangers associated with distracted driving – dangers that face drivers of all ages and experience,” said Mike Van Wagner, NJM’s Vice President of Public Affairs. “We fully support PADD’s vital mission and are honored to serve as the Premier Sponsor of their first-ever Walk to End Distracted Driving.”PADD to hold first national “Walk With PADD” April 12, 2014


The walk will be honoring those who have lost their lives and their families due to distracted driving and also providing education and awareness combined with fun and games to bring this important and immensely growing cause to the public.    

Walk with PADD will also be honoring first responders who witness distracted driving accidents daily and who risk their lives and dedicate their time to save lives in situations that could have been prevented.  In attendance will be the same first responders who tried very hard to save Nikki's life.  The will be displaying with their lifesaving equipment such as the Washington Township ladder truck and ambulance.

PADD® is proud to also have in attendance particular survivors of distracted driving and other youth inspired charities and organizations who will be spreading their message at the walk:

Gabe Hurley was blinded by a distracted driver in a crash and has not allowed his accident to hinder his love for music. In fact, Gabe still plays in a band; The New Black.

The Toni & RJ Foundation- Tony and her unborn baby were killed by a distracted driver.  

The Anthony Farrace Memorial Foundation-  Cherokee High school senior Anthony Farrace was killed by his friend, who was distracted while driving.

In addition, there will also be various safety organizations handing out information and answering any questions walkers may have.   A driving seminar from Drive Safer, LLC and some companies who have created life-saving apps for smart phones will be there demonstrating their apps. Drive Alive, LLC  has rewards from local and national products for not texting while driving and Text-Star which automatically restricts texts and calls when moving and sends an automated reply.  Text-star will also be featuring a special guest, Tebucky Jones, who won a Superbowl with the New England Patriots.

Of course PADD's own Miss Columbus, Lindsey Giannini, will be attending with all of the Miss New Jersey contestants competing for the Miss America title.

Williamstown, New Jersey’s own local musician, Megan Knight,  will be rocking the stadium full of some amazing talent.

Philly2Philly.com, who originally published the story regarding the announcement of Walk with PADD, will also be making an appearance.

Wired 96.5 was very eager to support this cause and without hesitation volunteered to attend with their awesome street team!  

Carousel rides, rock climbing, face painting and more will be on site for the kids, as well as  some very important surprise speakers attending.

Walk with PADD’s main goal is to bring awareness to the number one killer of teens and young adults in America. Each victim and their brother, sister, mother, father, etc. need your support as well as many parents should educate their children on the dangers of distracted driving.  This epidemic is 100% preventable.


Please sign up today at as a walker or virtual walker at: http://www.padd.org/index.php/en/2014-02-01-20-43-20/register-to-walk-with-padd

If you wish to attend the walk as a group please click on the link to register groups.  http://www.padd.org/index.php/en/2014-02-01-20-43-20/register-your-team-to-walk-with-padd


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