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Election 2016: American Voters Undecided


Only four weeks remain until the presidential election takes place in November, and many millennials and voters alike are unsettled, lost, and confused.

Needless to say, this race for the White House has been quite extreme regarding volatile comments, incendiary reproaches, and demeanors of the two presidential candidates. The troubling personalities of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, make it almost impossible for any voter looking to elect the right person for their respective political affiliation.

For Clinton and Trump, it has never been about respect, loyalty to their citizens, moral judgment or integrity. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Since the beginning of last year, the presidential race has been filled with disconcerting comments, reprimands, immoral behaviors and fiery remarks from both political sides—making it impossible for anybody to communicate with one another. Both candidates do not appear to conduct themselves diligently or amicably at their conventions and meetings, with their unprofessional behavior on stage.Photo: BBC.com

Voters in many states and from all walks of life have been taken aback by the disconcerting attitudes of Clinton and Trump, their level of mediocrity, lack of knowledge of foreign affairs, and lack of respect towards each other. No one knows for sure if both candidates care more about their persona, self-esteem, and narcissistic behavior, than the important questions America faces as a nation.

The Clinton and Trump fiasco seems to be nothing more than a playground for two candidates who need to go back to daycare. Their incompetence and inability to properly inform a destabilized public on how they will address critical issues such as U.S. border patrol, immigration, foreign policy, domestic violence and others too numerous to mention, will likely cause millennials to not bother voting in what has already been a demoralizing, careless, and patentless election season.

America’s current state of affairs is very critical and the stakes have never been higher. Global terrorism, threats from ISIS, the national debt, unbridled government spending, a unpragmatic and outdated fiscal policy, threats of national security, and other demanding issues will have to be faced dead-on by either Hillary Clinton, who has dealt with pending investigations on several scandals for deleted e-mails, Clinton Foundation fraud, and other disturbing allegations during her political career, or by Donald Trump, a businessman most of his life who has no previous or qualifiable experiences to become the next President of the United States.

This nation has never so at odds with who they think should rule the country for the next four years. Needless to say, voters going to the polls on will have a tough choice to make between the two most extreme candidates that have ever sought the Oval Office. 


Christophe Barbier is a grad student working on his Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy at Norwich University. He is seeking an international career in diplomacy and foreign affairs at the United Nations, NATO, or non-governmental organization. Christophe’s work can also be found on http://writerbeat.com/ as well as www.sportsandpolitics.org.


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Photo: BBC.com