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Lame-Duck Session of Congress Presents Many Challenges



Being an intern in Political Affairs at the Borgen Project, I have worked on and researched several legislative reforms fighting global poverty that should be passed by Congress and made into laws.


Everyone with political knowledge is well aware that nothing gets accomplished by Congress during a lame-duck session. It is a slow and frustrating time for anyone involved. Photo: http://www.govexec.com


Regardless of who will be chosen to be the next President of the United States, however, these aforementioned reforms should not be ignored. They would help reduce poverty worldwide, have an affect on the global economy as well as national security. At the same time, it can help de-escalate the rate of conflicts on a global scale.


From an international standpoint, we have seen multiple countries in the Middle East regions impacted by wars, social instability and massive emigration exodus not seen since the end of World War II. We’ve also seen the destabilization of the entire Middle East peninsula. More tensions between the United States and Russia have caused great concerns for world peace and the economic stability of the world itself. The Borgen Project reforms are paramount to de-escalating global conflicts that are happening all too frequently.


The rise of the Islamic States has damaged and endangered many villages, communities, and entire countries to tribalism, fundamentalism, nationalism, and extremism on the vast scale of global financial contagion.There is an ongoing fight regarding the globalization of our planet. Some countries want to preserve their way of life and keep their old belief systems intact by not partaking in globalism, world market economic systems and economic interdependence between nation-states. Other countries embrace the rapid pace of globalism and adapt to technological changes happening in the new digital age by progressively moving towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


There’s also the poverty epidemic, which is still a major impediment to world peace, order, and justice for all.


Hunger in America is alarming. More than 36 million children in this country do not have enough to eat or cannot eat the three meals a day the FDA requires for healthy living. Poverty, hunger, and the rise of violence in inner cities and communities are all directly involved. This affects every concerned citizen. Many non-profit organizations around the world have been trying to reduce poverty for some time. Countries that are mostly affected by poverty live in abject conditions that make obtaining an education unattainable, let alone give others the ability to reach out to spread positive change. Food For Peace Reform Act


Poverty kills economic growth, international development, and claims many unnecessary deaths. In the 21 century, this should have been a thing of the past. However, it’s 2016, and it obviously isn’t going away. If poverty is not being addressed, there will be more violence, more racial discrimination, more social unrest, and more economic turmoil in the years to come.


With the Food for Peace Reform Act, positive changes will be made regarding food aid, medical supplies and educational tools, which could be delivered quicker and more efficiently. Moreover, cost-efficient analytical tools must be up-to-date with today's technological advancement to assist developed and under-developed countries. A global coalition must be set up to divide the production of foods and to cut the cost of shipping.


The lame-duck session of Congress should not even be a factor  in today's society, as all of these critical issues must be classified as urgent, and attention should be immediately directed to pass these reforms. If left unattended and unaddressed for too long, the dire consequences we face as a nation regarding these issues will continue.


Every human being in this world deserves an equal chance at living, succeeding, and become a greater ambassador for the environment and our planet.



Christophe Barbier is a grad student working on his Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy at Norwich University. He is seeking an international career in diplomacy and foreign affairs at the United Nations, NATO, or non-governmental organization. Christophe’s work can also be found on http://writerbeat.com/ as well as www.sportsandpolitics.org.


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