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Possible Trouble With Paris Climate Change Agreement


The international agreement on climate change to reduce carbon emissions was signed in December 2015 in Paris, France by more than 195 countries. Since then, many states are following the tedious networks of rules and regulations in the effort to start reducing carbon emissions. This year, in November 2016, the Paris Agreement came into full force, and as a result, most countries will abide by their diplomatic and environmental commitment to keep their Paris accord integrally.Photo: www.un.org

As the planet becomes warmer each year, there have been more natural disasters, such as severe floods, extreme droughts, violent weather patterns, more aggressive hurricanes, storms and tornadoes. Many regions of the world are affected by the increasing global temperatures and their losses of crops, food production, international trade, and experience the brutal fallout of rising global temperatures worldwide.

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The Guardian reports that “the agreement commits world leaders to keeping global warming below 2C, seen as the threshold for safety by scientists, and pursuing a tougher target of 1.5C. The carbon emission curbs put forward by countries under paris are not legally-binding, but the framework of the accord, which includes a mechanism for periodically cranking those pledges up, is binding. The agreement also has a long-term goal for net zero emissions, which would effectively phase out fossil fuels.”

Each year, the temperature rises, alarming scientists of the hidden dangers to come. The growing concern originates from President-Elect Donald Trump, who tweeted in 2012 that “Global warming is man-made hoax.” That quote resonated around the world as a warning that if Trump was elected, he will probably impede the Paris Agreement and become a stalemate, which the Guardian article implied.

You can read the rest of the article here.


Christophe Barbier is a grad student working on his Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy at Norwich University. He is seeking an international career in diplomacy and foreign affairs at the United Nations, NATO, or non-governmental organization. Christophe’s work can also be found on http://writerbeat.com/ as well as www.sportsandpolitics.org.


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Photo: www.un.org