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5 Employee Benefits Philadelphia Workers Want


The employment market in the city of Philadelphia is highly competitive for companies. Everyone is striving to attract and retain the very best in terms of talent. It is all about putting together a benefits package that is going to appeal most to employees. It is not necessarily having the most employee benefits, but actually having the benefits that workers looking for a company in the market truly want. Cameron Johnson


Going through all of the different options, it can become pretty clear fairly quickly why some benefits are more appealing to workers than others.


Flexible Hours


Flexibility is about as important in the marketplace as it has ever been. Gone are the days when the vast majority of companies are expecting employees to come in and work a shift starting at nine in the morning and ending at five. This has how shifted where the companies that are attracting the best talent are also offering the most flexibility in terms of hours. This means that father that has to come in extra early in the morning to be able to leave earlier in the afternoon to get to his child’s baseball game knows it is acceptable.


This type of flexibility is what sets one company apart from others. According to Gallup, 31% of employees changed jobs in the last three years. To increase retention, flexibility is important.


Commuting Assistance


The cost of commuting into a city such as Philadelphia is not cheap to say the very least. Some companies are beginning to offer commuting assistance in terms of allowing employees to get discounts on parking, bus passes, and so on. This type of assistance can help set one company apart from the others as it gives employees an added financial gain and can also make the commute less stressful and daunting. Photo: www.thesocialworkplace.com




Everyone needs quality health insurance, among other types. A company that offers full coverage dental insurance at an affordable price to employees is going to be more appealing compared to one that does not offer dental. Companies like Aetna offer dental plans that you can easily get your company set up with so that you can push to make these offerings available to all employees.


Vacation Time


Everyone needs a break from work every now and again, but the reality is that many companies make it hard to take vacations due to limited vacation time. The companies that are attracting the most talent are those that are offering more vacation, sooner.


This gives people that ability to get the work and life balance that they seek, while still being committed to the job at hand.


Performance Based Salary


The current employment landscape is such that things are highly competitive. People want to be compensated for the work that they are putting in and performance based salary structures are what allow that. Let people know that their performance matters in terms of where they line up from a salary perspective. According to Modern Survey, only 16% of workers in the U.S. are fully engaged. This changes when their pay is tied directly to their performance.


Workers are seeking companies that want to invest in them in the short and the long-term. The companies that are attracting the very best in terms of talent are those that are putting together diverse benefits packages stacked with what employees truly want. This includes everything from vacation time to work life balance, flexible arrangements, competitive and performance based salary, and much more. As a company seeking the very best the talent pool has to offer, settling for anything less than what your potential employees want is simply not good for growth now or in the future.

Cameron Johnson is a business consultant and social media expert. Over the course of his career he has conducted case studies on both social media optimization and non-profit marketing. Cameron has also had the opportunity to speak at international marketing conferences and was recently recognized as one of the world’s top 100 advertising experts to follow on social media.

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