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Philadelphia Community: How You Can Give Back And Get Involved


Have you seen volunteers in your community and you’ve always wondered how you can give back yourself? Giving back to your city or town is beneficial to your mind, body, and self-worth.


However, volunteering time for your community can also help when it comes to school volunteer requirements as well.


To help get you started, below are six easy ways you can get involved in your community. six easy ways you can get involved in your community.


1. Volunteer

There are plenty of ways you can volunteer your own free time in your community. From volunteering as a dog handler at your local animal shelter or reader at your local senior center, there are nearly limitless activities to give back to your town or city. In Philadelphia, there are several volunteer opportunities at local gardens such as Greensgrow Farms or Mill Creek Farm.


If you want to do some indoor volunteering during the colder seasons, you can also check out volunteer teaching opportunities at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. All you have to do is reach out to an organization in your community and ask if they need help.


2. Scout out Local Events

Listen to your local news station or read up on your community’s newspaper to scout out local events that you can get involved in. From music festivals to searching for "local senior activities near me," there should be plenty of community activities to partake in. Whether it be spending tickets on actually attending the event or staffing it, there are plenty of fun ways to get involved in local events around your community.


3. Shop Locally

Shop locally from vendors in your community. For example, if your community has a weekly or monthly farmer’s market, you can purchase items that people specialize in your community. This helps support locally run grocers, rather than Brick and Mortar stores that lack quality and passion. However, some of the money you spend at locally owned businesses also goes back to your community, which helps the area you live in.


4. Donate

If you find that you don’t have free time to volunteer, you can always donate. There are so many different donating ideas, you are guaranteed to find something that you can contribute. You can donate food to your local food pantry, books to your community’s library, bed sheets to your local homeless shelter, or pet food, bedding, and cleaning supplies to your community’s animal shelter. Of course there are many places that take clothing donations such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill, which can be found in many locations around the U.S. If you want to donate locally, there are many options for that as well. For example, in Philadelphia you can donate to The Career Wardrobe or drop off items at the many different Planet Aid bins across the city.


However, if none of these appeals to you, you can always donate money to a local organization.


5. Join a Group

Joining a local group in your community is a great way to get involved and give back. For example, if you join a running group, when you sign up and pay for race registrations, that money is being sent to your community to either donate and pay for future projects. However, no matter what kind of group or club you join, spending time with your peers is a great way to enjoy the area you live in.


6. Offer Support to Your Local Sports Teams

If you don’t spend a whole lot of time around your community, you may not know of all the local sports teams that originate in your city or town. For example, does your community have a minor or little league? In most cases, sports teams come from your local high school or college, but you can do so much to support them. Even the smallest effort, such as seeing their game and paying for a ticket can really give back in your community.


There are nearly endless ways you can get involved in your community. From volunteering to supporting your local sports team, getting involved can be incredibly fun and worth the time. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you could get a jump start on getting involved in groups or clubs in your community to give back and enjoy the fact you live there.



Lee Flynn is from the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, UT. After Lee spent years preparing himself, his home and his family, he decided he had to do more. In his free time, Lee helps educate those who want to do the same. Through small local workshops and articles, Lee trains and teaches others on home preparation, food storage techniques, wilderness survival and self reliance. After obtaining a bachelors degree from the University of Utah, Lee moved to the Salt Lake Valley where he now lives with his wife and daughter.


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