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The Complicated French Presidential Election 2017


Those with money like it while denying its importance. Those without money want it, but pretend it doesn't matter.Photo: MercoPress.com


These attitudes are playing themselves out in the election currently underway to see who replaces the singularly ineffective President, Mr. Francois Hollande.


In Hollande's term as President, the economy has had no growth for five years. That's no growth for five years...


The unemployment rate among the young is 25%. London is the sixth largest French speaking city in the world. The message is clear: if you are young and want a future, leave France and find your future elsewhere.


Yet there is little emphasis, and little discussion/debate in the Presidential campaign on how each candidate's economic ideas will impact people, or the economy as a whole.


To an American, this is mysterious.


There is no talk about how to create jobs, or how to create lasting prosperity.


The one candidate who has attempted to address these issues has been smeared in a truly outrageous way; even his suits has become a contentious political issue.


Everyone is busily pretending it doesn't matter, when it does matter, and is, in fact, of singular importance to France and to Europe.


Instead you get a group of candidates who do not want to talk about the issues. The press, more interested in scandal than issues, plays along happily diverting everyone from what is important to what is not.


Who do they think they are Trump supporters?


And France drifts, its position at the heart of the EU imperiled because of inaction and a lack of focus.


Michael Settle is a retired investment adviser and writer. He lives in Paris.


Contact Michael Settle at michaelsettle@gmail.com

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