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Give Your Philly Business a Competitive Edge Through Centralization


Getting the edge in business is something that you should be focusing on every moment that you can. Your competitors are always looking at better ways to compete for your customer's dollar. In addition, when you find better ways to accomplish business processes, you can enjoy greater profit and less stress.

So don't risk losing out on the opportunities that the right strategy can bring you. Use the following tips and take the lead in your marketplace:

Give Your Philly Business a Competitive Edge Through Centralization

Get Your Printing Centralized

The technology that is running the world today is replacing a lot of traditional methods of doing business. However, the need for paper is showing no signs of slowing down. Companies everywhere still need physical documents for record keeping and other items in their workflow. From getting customer agreements printed to saving crucial information from meetings, a variety of employees may need to use printers daily.

You can eliminate print servers which hog up your lines and use digital printing clouds for a more streamlined approach. This will benefit you and your customers in a number of ways. First of all, it will help them speed up their printing and avoid long lines and hold times. It also lets them customize the documents further. Finally, you can cut down on costs that servers typically bring into the equation.


Every company needs a strong sales department if they are going to produce enough revenue to keep the wheels turning. However, too often, companies use sales processes that are not centralized. Even more so, they use software that is outdated or requires employees to use a variety of suites just to accomplish one simple objective. You can eliminate this problem if you leverage the sales tools available to companies today.

For instance, a CRM is a great place to start. It provides one central location to manage your customer pipeline. From the moment they enter your sales funnel, you can make notes on your customers' actions, requests, tickets, and more. This information can further be shared between departments.

This way, if the sales team needs to know something about a customer in order to help them get one of your new products, they don't need to play tag with your customer service agents. Everything is updated at once in the database that is accessible from anywhere, from any device. This reduces the time it takes to solve problems and allows you to make more sales. It also makes it much easier for sales managers to look at results and evaluate performances of your agents.


Without marketing, you are not setting up your sales team the way they need. Marketing should serve as a passive process that is constantly putting your message in front of the right people. It is letting people know who you are and what your business is all about. Centralizing your marketing will have profound effects on your bottom line. When you can test, automate, and review your marketing in one place, you can tweak your sales funnel with minimum effort, for maximum results.


Even large corporations and governments are having problems today with hackers getting into their system. If you are not preparing against this, you are putting your data and your customers at risk. Have an integrated security approach with firewalls and monitoring in one place.

Hiring and Training

You need to constantly bring new employees into the fold to grow. However, HR can often be asked to do too many things at once. Make their recruiting and training easier with software that covers every element of onboarding.

When it comes to business, it comes down to which company is competing with more effective processes and strategies. You need to avoid common pitfalls and use proven techniques in order to get the edge. So don't sell your company short. Use the methods above. That way, your employees, customers, and managers will be happier and your profits will grow every day.


James Ponds graduated with a MBA with an emphasis in marketing. In his freetime, he continues to study the current marketing/business trends, and enjoys golfing or boating on the weekend with his wife and kids.  

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