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Biggest Opportunities For Your Philly Based Business


If you have a business based in Philly, then it is critical that your technology is updated and that you are fully taking advantage of all of your opportunities. With the recent trend of companies moving to Philly for their headquarters, you are soon going to have a lot more competition for your services:


Biggest Opportunities For Your Philly Based Business

1. Selling Page Design

Your selling page can have a huge effect on your business' conversion rate. You need the right tools and strategies to make sure your ecommerce website design, or any site, is appropriate for your goals. That way you can get the most amount of sales with the least amount of effort.


In order to optimize your page, you need to use the principles of copywriting. This is essentially the art of salesmanship in print or online. Use the following methods to boost conversions and watch as the profits roll in:


a) Get Known

A great motto to live by is "they can't flow you if they don't know you." Flow means cash flow in this instance. If customers never hear your name, they can never buy from you. So your first challenge as a business in Philly is to get your name out there. Luckily, social media allows you to post as many times as you want to per day for free. You should be all over Twitter and Facebook, constantly posting to get that vital attention you require to be successful. Don't waste your time sending these posts out manually either. Hire someone and give them automation software to send out messages at predetermined times throughout the day so you can focus on higher level activities that grow your business.


b) Intrigue Them

When you use a compelling headline or image to get people to click on your social media post then you can really ramp up the interest they have in your brand. On your site, be sure to include relevant information pertaining to your brand. Show them how they can learn more about the thing they truly care about. This is as relevant for weight loss as it is for hobbies like hiking.


c) Stoke the Fire

Really dig into the desires of your market on your website. Include pictures that show people having a great time using your product or service. And include the negative aspects of using another competitor of yours. Emotions are what sell, not logic.


d) Close it Out

Your store can't survive in Philly if you don't close the deals you create with the steps above. Always ask for action on your site. It can be as lightweight as "click here to sign up for our email list" all the way to "buy now."


2. Investing in Online Advertising

Online advertising has never been more competitive. Luckily, it has never been easier to target your ideal audience. Platforms like Facebook let you select exactly who you want to approach based on their age, income, and even location. Therefore, you can spend less while reaching more of our market rather than blast a message out to the masses, most of whom will never buy anyway.


3. Getting the Right CRM

Your sales and customer service agents need great software to do their jobs. In today's world, customers are all over the world and have vastly different characteristics. A great CRM lets them quickly enter in information and solve issues quickly while sharing this with other departments. You can get different pricing on CRMs depending on your team's size, so be sure to shop around before pulling the trigger.


When it comes to Philadelphia, business has always been competitive. However, it is going to get even more difficult as time goes on. Therefore, if you want to stand out you need to take the above information to heart. That way you can really leverage the resources you have to make your profits higher and your customers happier.

Lee Flynn is from the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, UT. After Lee spent years preparing himself, his home and his family, he decided he had to do more. In his free time, Lee helps educate those who want to do the same. Through small local workshops and articles, Lee trains and teaches others on home preparation, food storage techniques, wilderness survival and self reliance. After obtaining a bachelors degree from the University of Utah, Lee moved to the Salt Lake Valley where he now lives with his wife and daughter.

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