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Beefing Up Your Company's HR Department


Developing a solid HR department is the dream of every growing business. HR takes care of a lot of issues that most entrepreneurs really do not want to get their hands stuck in managing. Usually, managers and business owners want their HR team to find and hire the talent, that way they don’t have to worry about combing through resumes and conducting interviews. Photo: wispapp.com


When legal issues arise with employees, HR should jump into action to keep as little of the drama out of the company's efficient operational affairs as possible. The better HR operates in these areas, the more solid and stable a business will be over the long term.


HR also plays a significant role in making sure employees needs are met in an ongoing attempt to keep employees satisfied. When employees are not happy at their job, they will inevitably look for work elsewhere. HR must mobilize to nip these costly problems in the bud before they become huge issues for a company.


The cost of hiring a replacement can be upwards to over 200-percent the annual wages of the employee being replaced. For these reasons, along with numerous others, it is smart for a company to beef up its HR department to ensure that the company and its employees maintain good working relationships. The following are a few ideas that will beef up your HR department to better serve your business.


Bringing on an HR Professional

You have been running your startup yourself for a while now. You have even gotten used to wearing many hats in the company. No sooner did you get comfortable operating this way than you ran up against an unemployment claim and then one of your workers got pregnant. It is here that you realized you did not even have a maternity policy in place.

By getting a competent HR professional in place to take over many of these managerial duties, this will free you up to get back to doing the side of the business you got into business to do. The rest of the technical minutia needs to be left up to someone who specializes in these fine HR details. Plus, with an HR professional on board, you will have someone who also specializes in finding your company the raw talent it needs to progress in its vision.

Digital Tools to Make HR Run Smoother

Your HR department has a lot of little issues to keep track of on top of everything else that is going on. HR software makes it possible to more easily manage everything from payroll to timestamps. Additionally, Human resource software may not be as cost prohibitive as you imagine—especially if software packages already exist for your sector of operation. It is, however, important to make certain that you consider the value of software that can meet your company's scaling needs. You want to be able to grow and the HR software you use should be able to handle this growth transition without any hitches.

Operating in the Cloud

As with other areas of your business, your HR systems should be able to operate fully well within the cloud. While more and more business operations rely on mobile connectivity, your HR people should be able to function just as well whether they are in the office or in the airport. If your HR people are chained to their desks, this may make it more difficult for them to provide your company with the best resources for hiring new talent. Remote meetings, appointments and other aspects of finding new talent will be better coordinated through cloud connectivity that is integrated with your HR software for seamless functionality.

Invest or pay later

Your HR department is a critical piece of your company's operations. It depends heavily on competent people to make sure everything from hiring new employees to taking care of employee needs is being adequately addressed to ensure stable operations for your company. Software and cloud-based tools help to bring your HR department into the modern age with seamless scalability. When everything is working right with HR, this can genuinely save your company significant amounts of money in operation costs that would otherwise be wasted in handling employee issues. Additionally, employees will be happy, because their needs are being met by the HR department.

James Ponds graduated with a MBA with an emphasis in marketing. In his freetime, he continues to study the current marketing/business trends, and enjoys golfing or boating on the weekend with his wife and kids.  

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