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Project Dig

We at Philly2Philly.com want to wage war on the rampant job losses by introducing Project Dig. Our readers will adopt a worker who has suffered a job loss. The worker will have their profile posted on the Project Dig page, which will include their picture and a brief explanation of why they lost their job. It is then up to our readers and the staffers at Philly2Philly.com to devote time out of our schedules to find resources that can help these people find jobs. The idea is to utilize any and all resources they can to dig up job leads. We will then contact them with the leads we receive. After that person finds a job, they will return the favor and find an unemployed person a job. We encourage our readers and staffers to take a little time and dig. One worker, one life: one day at a time.

Submit Your Profile

Tell us your story. If you would like your profile to be posted, send an email to:


Greta Baith Industry-Pharmaceutical Greta Baith's job search began late in October when she was laid off from her job as a Client Service Manager for a pharmaceutical marketing firm, which she was employed at for 7 years.  
Scott HollingerGraphic DesignerIndustry-Beauty Products Scott Hollinger is a Graphic Designer/Creative Manager with 15 years experience. He was a Lead Photo Retoucher and graphic designer in the hair accessories division of Conair, Inc for 10 years...
Almost everybody knows someone who has fallen on hard times due to the recession or economy. Please take some time to dig. You will be glad you did.