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Greta Baith

By Dennis Bakay at 2:41 am on Wednesday May 13, 2009

Greta Baith


Greta Baith's job search began late in October when she was laid off from her job as a Client Service Manager for a pharmaceutical marketing firm, which she was employed at for 7 years.  

The silver lining in her experience is that she felt a sense of relief in being laid off as many people do when they constantly see their company down-sizing.  Added to that, she received a 6-month severance package, which enabled her to pursue jobs in other fields.  Breaking into a new field is Ms. Baith's game plan for finding a new job.  

During her time searching for a new, permanent position Ms. Baith has used her time in a variety of ways to her benefit.  At one point she volunteered at a charity called MANNA and even volunteered her time working at elementary schools. 

Even though she couldn't break into the company of her dreams with an internship she was able to try and break into other fields by doing event planning and interning as a Social Media/Viral Marketing Intern.  

The thing that strikes Greta most about the difficulty in finding a new job is the amount of competition.  "A job I recently applied for had over 500 applicants! The year I graduated college, I had a couple job offers waiting for me. Times are different now!", said Ms. Baith.  

Even though she's now been unemployed for seven months, she remains extremely optimistic.  Which is a paramount to weathering the storm.  

"I am really looking for something in a new industry than I was in before, using my skills in Marketing and Public Relations. This is a great time to reinvent myself and switch gears."

Greta's message for her fellow job seekers to is try something new.  It's no secret that finding a job is about who you know so you must network as much as possible.  

"Look for internships or consulting opportunities on craigslist to help make connections. You can also network virtually on linkedin.  STAY MOTIVATED!"

If you would like to adopt Greta, please email us at politics@philly2philly.com

Take a few minutes out of your day and help a fellow worker like Greta land a good job!