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Seven obscure situational survival items that may save your life

In the event of a survival situation, you will need to use any items you can find to increase your chances of making it. Maybe you're the type of person who plans ahead for the possibility of a survival situation. If so, you should consider some of the more unusual items that could make survival easier.

These items may not be the first items you think of when you need to survive a terrible situation. But you'll be amazed at what they can do for you if you ever need them. Consider these seven obscure items that might make the difference in your survival efforts.Image result for survival kit

1. Night Vision Goggles

It may be advantageous for you to see in the dark during your survival attempts. If the power goes out, you might only be able to rely on flashlights to find your way around. But flashlights can only detect people and other objects a short distance away from you.

Night vision goggles can help you see infrared light given off by warm objects. This could be ideal for hunting or finding other survivors. Night vision goggles can definitely lend you a hand when you need to get out of a tough survival situation.

2. Hazmat Suits

When danger strikes, you might be exposed to some awful chemicals and other toxins. Hazmat suits can keep your skin safe from these harmful substances. You want to shield your clothing and your hair from chemicals as well. Hazmat suits offer full-body protection from all kinds of nasty chemicals.

Make sure you have enough hazmat suits for your entire family. In a disaster situation, you'll need to keep everyone safe until the coast is clear. Hazmat suits offer more protection than any other materials you could find. It's wise to stock up on them before an emergency occurs.

3. Gas Mask

You'll need to breathe fresh air if you want to survive and stay healthy for any amount of time. That's why gas masks might be one of the most important tools in your bag when it comes to survival. Without clean air to breathe, you won't survive long.

Gas masks can also help people with asthma even if the air quality isn't that bad. Asthmatics need fresher air than other people so that they maintain normal functions. Gas masks should be one of your additions to your survival kit. You'll wish you had them if the air suddenly becomes contaminated.

4. Military Spec Can Opener

A military spec can opener can come in handy. You can obviously open cans with it. But you can also use it as a screwdriver in a pinch. You never know when you might need to loosen or tighten some screws in a survival situation.

The best part is that these items are plenty small enough to fit in your kit. There's no excuse to be without a military spec can opener. It could save your life when you need to open a can of food. And its use as a screwdriver can be beneficial as well.

5. Portable Water Filter

You'll need plenty of clean water. You'll need to drink the water and use it to clean cuts and other things. A portable water filter can ensure that the water you drink is healthy for human use. You won't get far without fresh, clean water.

You'll wish you had clean water if there is ever a disaster situation in your area. Only the smartest people would think to pack a portable water filter in their survival kit. You can be one of those smart people when you show your willingness to be prepared.

6. Tree Tent

In the case of massive flooding, the ground could become washed out with water. You might lose your home to the flood waters, but the tall trees in the woods should stand firm. You can actually buy a tent that you pitch using different trees.

The tree tent will keep you safe from whatever's going on below you. You'll be able to rest at night without worrying about your safety. This tree tent can definitely come in handy during a survival situation. You may never need to use it, but it's nice to have it just in case.

7. Seed Supply

You might need to plant your own food in the case of a terrible situation. The stores could be totally wiped out, and you might not be able to sift through the remains of the stores to find enough emergency food. You'll need to plant your own.


A good seed supply will have carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, and whatever else you might want. You can feed a lot of people with just a small portion of land and some seeds. It's best to learn how to plant a garden now so that you'll be ready if you ever need to plant your own food.

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