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Danger In The Workplace

Over the years we have seen countless companies taken down through major security disasters. Traditional industrial safety begain to take hold in the factories of Andrew Carnagie in the late 1800's. Terrible working conditions led to laws aimed at protecting workers from sub par and dangerous conditions. However Industrial security has evolved over the years to include a wide range of businesses. The more traditional consturction and production plants have developed entiere divisions devoted soley to keeping workers safe despite dangers around every corner. However that does not mean that workers are entierly safe. Only a couple of weeks ago a major explosion took place in a oil refinery in China. The explosion was so large that it unfortunaly resulted in more than 100 workers loosing their lives. This article is primaraly focused on several major security risks and how the danger can be minimized. 

Consutruction Mishaps

The construction site is a dangerous place. All too often we hear about a crane falling over or a section of a structure collapsing. Many of these accedents can be reduced through the effective planning of a safety director. This nervracking position is responsible for the safety of the enire site. This deals not only with accedent managment but also prevention. So how do you prevent an accedent? Creating a process and workflow that emphisises saftey checks will greatly aid in preventing and reducing workplace risk. In philly we have seen these increesed safety regualtion help in the demolition business. Strict processes are requiered preventing many of the injuries that have occured when bringing down and replacing older brick building on the south side of the city. 

Employee Confidentiality 

One major security issue for employees is confidentality. Many older companies still utilize paper records and have not made the swithech to online based hr systems. This creates a huge liablity for these late adopter comapnies. Should confidnetial inforamation such as salary and contract information get leaked, employers can be held accountable. However this does not mean that all online systems are secure. ensuring that your system is bassed on a secure site is important. Making sure that your site is secure from https proxys and advanced persistant threats is important. 

Both tradition and new age employee security are important. Make sure that you are covering your bases from multiple angles.