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What I learned From Preparing My Home for Adoption

For anyone who has gone throught the adopting a child they know just how exhausting it can be. After several years of trying to get pregnenet my wife and I decided to adopt. Going in we had no idea how insane they make it. The adoption process is long, laborious and downright demorilizing at times. However Don't let this discourage you. The moment you bring your child home for the first time you will remember why you went through all of the heartache. I belive that one of the most important steps to make sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible is to prepare your home for your child. 

Prevent Illness

I fully belive in staying away from harsh cleaning chemicals and non organic foods. One of my favorite is lemmon essential oils which can replace many cleaning products like windex and detergents. Staying aways from these chemicals will give your chid a chance to aclimate to their new enviorment with less immune system stressors. Trust me, the last thig you want is your precious child sick the first week they are home. 

Show Some Love

When you adopt a child it can be difficult to adjust. While you love your child they might be skpetical. to help with this I recomend making them their own spcial blanket. Not buying one but actualy taking the time to make one. This will require alot of work but it will show them just how much you care. I made mine from simple fleece fabric and yarn. Trust me this one works!

In the end these are just some simple tips. Each child is uniqe and special. Make sure to read the signs and to do a bit of prep work before brining your child home.