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The Omelette 10/10/10 Edition: Phillies Eagles Compete, Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Controversy, and Google Car


The Omelette 10/10/10 Edition

Today is a day unlike any other we'll experience this century. October, 10 2010 is a day with all tens. At 10:10 this morning we're really talking perfect tens: 10:10 10/10/10.

Suffice it to say thousands of weddings will be going on across the country on this perfect 10 of a day. 

Phillies and Eagles Go Head to Head Tonight

This is the dream matchup we've been waiting for in Philly. Now that the debate has been settled that we're now a "Baseball Town" we can put the numbers to the test and see who comes out the winner tonight when the Phillies and Eagles go head to head. The Phillies game will start at 8:07 on TBS, while the Eagles will take on the 49ers at 8:30. The Eagles are quickly becoming an afterthought as they look more and more like a mediocre team, which is a year or two away from competing. The Phillies on the other hand are the real "Gold Standard" in Philadelphia. Look for the Phillies to win in the ratings. They are playing for something significant - that is a chance to sweep the Reds and move onto the next round. The Eagles on the other hand - are probably going to lose, considering they are playing a desperate 0-4 San Francisco team. And, they are missing Michael VickLeSean McCoy said he is ready to play.

Brett Favre Jenn Sterger Controversy Blowing Up

Brett Favre is the latest athlete to be caught up in a controversy with a woman he's not married to. It's not on the level of Tiger Woods, but the "sex texts" and voicemails he sent to Jenn Sterger (then an employee of the Jets) while he played for the Jets are blowing up in his face. The NFL will investigate Brett Favre for possible misconduct.

Google Now Has a Car, Which Drives Itself

The Google Car is no longer a fantasy, but a reality. Google founders Sergie Brin and Larry Page unveiled "The Google Car" which can drive itself. Word is, the Google Car was spotted a year ago.

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