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Phillies Sweep Reds, Eagles Beat 49ers, and Phillies Edge Eagles in Ratings


The Omelette Monday October 11, 2010

Phillies Move Onto NLCS With 2-0 Shutout Over Reds

The Phillies went head-to-head against the Eagles last night (more on that later) and came out on top. Cole Hamels was his usual self, shutting out the Reds 2-0 and allowing just 5 hits. The Phillies will move on to defend their NL Pennant against either the Braves or Giants. Game One is Saturday.

Eagles Knock Off 49ers 27-24

Across the country, the Eagles went up against the 49ers and came out on top 27-24. LeSean McCoy and Kevin Kolb led the way, but McCoy nearly put the Eagles in a treacherous spot in the 4th quarter when he could have picked up a first down, but opted to slide into the ground essentially killing the Eagles' drive. But, a win is a win in the NFL and the Eagles are 3-2, while the Cowboys (who lost to the Titans) are 1-3.

Phillies Beat Eagles in Preliminary Ratings

According to MyFoxPhilly, the Phillies beat the Eagles in the head-to-head ratings last night. The Phillies game had 834,000 viewers of all ages, compared to the Eagles game, which had 741,000 viewers of all ages. In the key demo of adults 25-54, targeted by advertisers, the Phillies had a rating of 19.7 compared with an 18.1 for the Eagles. A few years ago, the Eagles beat the Phillies in the ratings battle head-to-head when the Phillies were in the playoffs. This is no longer the case as Philadelphia is now a Baseball Town.